Studies on E cigarettes:

Many organizations over the years have conducted research on the e cigarette some organizations have a very positive while some have an entirely negative view regarding their safety. Many organizations are concerned that since thereis nostatistical data provided by the manufacturers the e cigarettes may have hidden facts that make it a hazardous product.


Chest is an organization that is skeptical of the use of e cigarettes, as they have conducted research that suggested that e cigarettes have severe pulmonary effects and respiratory disadvantages for the user. Their data is gathered from a 5-minute smoking session of smokers and non-smokers. The non-smokersdisplayed increased pulmonary effects and severe oxidative stress on their lungs after only 5 minutes of smoking therefore researchers were concerned about what chain smokers must be going through.

World Health Organizations:

The world health organization’s research pointed out that that e cigarettes must not be used without proper regulatory work or until proper research comes out which suggest that they are free of side effects. The WHOs concerns arise from the fact that there is no statistical data or clinical data provided by the manufacturers as the e cigarettes are often manufacture red without testing. Since the e cigaretteis not recognized as a pharmaceutical product they are not bound to produce data to health or governmental organizations.

The British Medical Association:

The British Medical Association shows a very positive side of the e cigarette as they point out that not all users are comfortable using nicotine patches and gums as a replacement for cigarette as they are not smoking elements. Eventually the users become dishearten and quit the therapy. However,e cigarettes are a cure that users prefer to use for long term.


The CASSA found out that the e cigarette as minimal health risks. The e cigarette was tested 900 times by Drexel  University School health significant hHealth and it was found that the chemicals found in the e liquid cannot bring any significant health risks to its users.

The European Union:

The European Union declared e cigarettes as safe and healthy alternatives and they were introduced to 28 European countries worldwide. This managed to change the minds of many people who were skeptical about the use of the e cigarette. The most promising thing about e cigarette as found by them is that theEuropean association of cardiology stated that the e cigarettes can save the lives of 4 out of 8 million smokers who can die of tobacco related diseases.

Boston University:

The Boston University conducted research on 222 users and it was found that 31 percent people managed to completely quit smoking within 6 months. The study was remarkable, paved the way for further research, and helped people gain more interest in e smoking.

There are and will always be differing view about the authenticity of the e cigarette however, more research that is recent found it to be a safer product, and most research proving it to be unsafe was from early 2000.


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