The success stories of professionals using electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes these days are considered to be a blessing in the world where many smokers have lost their lives and health due to the terrible affect of smoking tobacco cigarettes. These devices were first created to cater to the smokers who had health issues due to smoking and doctors gave them ultimatums. Instead of going to rehabs and other institutions, smokers sought after an alternative method of dealing with their health problems and that was electronic cigarettes or e cigars. These devices worked like wonders for many since smokers gave up tobacco smoking without the habit of smoking itself. These days, these device cater to a long list of people including professionals as well, since they cannot afford to compromise on their health while they are busy working and focusing on their future. As expected, electronic cigarettes or e cigars have proven to be God sent since professionals are able to cope with their professional and personal lives at the same time by not falling sick due to tobacco smoking. Below are some of the success stories that different kind of professionals had with these devices and how they completely rely on these devices everyday of their lives:


Female business owner

Females are always required to keep themselves physically fit and healthy in order to cope with everyday requirements. They always have more than their professional lives at hand and in order to deal with long hours of working and keeping up with family requirements, female professionals need to stick to a healthy routine. Electronic cigarettes or e cigars have given female professionals a chance to keep up with their health and also so that they can quit tobacco cigarettes. A female business owner who trusts these devices have no longer required the usage of tobacco cigarettes and due to this, she has been able to pay more attention to her everyday decisions.


Male Journalist

A male journalist reported that his journalism days were coming to an end since he was no longer able to focus on his stories and his assignments. The words he required to write did not come to him and all of this was happening due to continuously puffing away tobacco cigarettes. With the help of electronic cigarettes or e cigars, he was able to keep him brain functioning properly at all times while he was at work and hence was able to produce compelling stories for his company on a daily basis.


Male Surgeon

It is very ironic that a person who may be saving the lives of others, may not be able to safe his or her own life. A male surgeon worked hard on a daily basis ensuring that all his patients were able to life a healthy life but he was not able to do that for himself. In fact his life was at a high risk due to tobacco cigarette smoking. Since the time he picked up an electronic cigarette or an e cigar, he was able to move his life around and change it completely. Now he has a healthy life and a healthy family who is happy for his success.


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