How to Tell If Allergies Stem From E-Cigs

As the popularity of the e cigarette has grown, more and more people are opting for the healthy alternative to traditional smokes. In fact, many recent researches have shown that all kinds of people from all walks of life are opting for e-cigs and are giving up the traditional cigarettes. One only has to run an eye over the mind-bogglingly amazing figures for the e cigarette industry to decipher how people have converted to a healthy lifestyle. In 2010, the e-cig industry made only about 750,000 dollars in sales. The figure saw a huge jump next year when the sales amounted to about two and a half million dollars. The upsurge continues to grow in 2014.

However, the recent upsurge in the e cigarette industry has also resulted in a number of complaints frequently coming from customers. They claim that they might be allergic to the nicotine or the liquid cartridge that the e- cig uses. While some of these allergies are quite authentic, some have simply been stemmed by doubtful cynics paying up writers to bring down e-cigarettes. In this article, the ways to identify if a particular allergy is truly because of the consumption of an e-cig have been mentioned in proper detail.

First of all, it will be wise to mention here that the people who have just given up traditional cigarettes and have shifted to the consumption of e-cigs may face some allergies. These people usually wrongly attribute their problems to the consumption of their e cigarette. These allergies are usually side-effects of putting a stop to the harmful smoking habit that they had had for several years. People who suffer from such allergies may go through frequent headaches, a feeling of dryness in their mouths, a skin problem that is commonly known as quit zits, phlegm and the frequent accumulation of spit in the mouth.

Moving on, a typical e cigarette consumer, whether they have been at it for years or have just recently started consuming e-cigs, may face side-effects stemming from Propylene Glycol (PG). This is the compound which is commonly used in a number of cartridges in e-cigarettes. It is responsible for creating the smoke when e-cigarettes are consumed. However, they are also commonly known as an irritant and many people have suffered a number of side-effects because of PG. The mildest allergy will probably cause a headache or a feeling or nausea while the most severe cases have reportedly been sinus problems that further lead on to even worse breathing problems like asthma.

Now, one needs to understand that if their problem stems from e cigarette consumption, then they need to stop using e-cigs for few days. If, during this period, the irritation goes away, then it was obviously because of the e-cig but if it continues to disturb the consumer, then it is highly likely that the problem is coming from the fact that they have given up tobacco smoking and traditional cigarettes.

In the case of PG allergies, shift to a 100% vegetarian e cigarette to see if the problem stops. If it does, then PG was the problem and consumers will need to see a doctor.


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