The convenience involved in using disposable cigarettes

Disposable cigarettes are a type of electronic cigarettes which can be discarded after a certain usage. These cigarettes last longer than the average tobacco cigarette. In fact one disposable cigarette is equivalent to one and a half pack of conventional cigarettes hence providing ample convenience to users. Electronic cigarettes have a very unique of working. Moreover, there are various benefits of using an electronic cigarette as compared to tobacco cigarettes hence many smokers have now reverted to these devices. Not only are there ordinary benefits involved, in fact electronic cigarettes have proven to be life-savers for many tobacco cigarette addicts who wish to quit smoking but cannot seem to. Tobacco cigarettes have reported to be life threatening for smokers who regularly smoke a large amount of cigarettes. Disposable cigarettes have not only mitigated the life threatening factor but also provided convenience to smokers in various forms. Following are the conveniences involved in using disposable cigarettes as compared to tobacco cigarettes:


No use of lighters or matches

Disposable cigarettes or electronic cigarettes do not require lighters or matches to be lit. Since there are no flames involved in the usage of these cigarettes, smokers can take them along without having to carry the extra weight of lighters or matches with them. Moreover, this also diminishes the chances of having flammable accidents which are normally caused by tobacco cigarettes since they are burnt when used. This proves to be a very helpful convenience for cigarette smokers who require these devices on them all the time due to their craving.


Require a small place for storage

Disposable cigarettes can be easily stored when you compare them with tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes require cigarette cases or tobacco packs for storage which takes up more space than a single cigarette. Disposable cigarettes only require the space of one cigarette since no pack or case is required for its storage. Many users prefer to store them in shirt pockets, pant pockets, purses, wallets, briefcases, handbags and suit pockets.


Can be used outdoors as well as indoors

Since disposable cigarettes do not create any kind of smoke, they can be conveniently used anywhere without disturbing bystanders and people around the smoker. This is why electronic cigarettes have been allowed to be used in public places as well where tobacco cigarettes are considered to be banned. The reason being, disposable cigarettes only create vapors which diminish in thin air whereas tobacco cigarettes create smoke which can be easily inhaled by bystanders. This mitigates the risk of affecting the health of people around the smoker who is using these devices.


No assembly required

Disposable cigarettes do not require any kind of assembly. These cigarettes come in an assembled form packed individually and last about 400 puffs for the user. Sine no assembly is required, new users do not have to look through guides and manuals on how to use electronic cigarettes. This is considered to be another convenience for users who prefer to use disposable cigarettes instead of ordinary cigarettes.


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