The different designs of disposable electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are revolutionary devices created for individuals committed to discard the usage of tobacco cigarettes. There has been much advancement in the electronic cigarettes industry due to its increasing demand. After the introduction of electronic cigarettes in the market back in 2007, manufacturers have aimed to enhance the quality and design of these devices since numerous individuals have moved to electronic cigarettes from tobacco cigarettes. The reason for this shift is mainly due to the health risks involved in tobacco cigarettes; however, many individuals feel that these devices are very different from the traditional cigarettes. For this reason, manufacturers produced disposable electronic cigarettes for users who have gotten used to the concept of discarding their cigarettes after usage. Disposable cigarettes function in the same way as an electronic cigarette but are limited in terms of inhaling the liquid nicotine and their period of usage. The industry of disposable electronic cigarettes has expanded to the extent of creating different designs as well. Manufacturers have devised various designs for users who are fond of purchasing a variety of these devices. Some of the famous designs and concepts are mentioned below:


Disposable cigars

One of the very famous designs, especially amongst the older users of electronic cigarettes, is a disposable cigar. Cigars are broad and longer in design. Tobacco cigars have strong flavors and are preferred to be used by old-aged men. A disposable cigar has been created keeping in mind the exact same design. It is available with strong liquid nicotine as well so that the users of disposable cigars can enjoy the same feeling of the traditional tobacco cigar. Disposable cigars are also available in various flavors similar to the ones available in tobacco ones. They are coupled with unique names which attracts many buyers for example, Romeo and Juliet and Chocolate sensation, etc. Disposable cigars can be bought from leading electronic cigarette stores and over the internet as well. Various producers of disposable cigars have showcased their products online, providing convenience for purchasers around the globe.


Smoking Pipes

Disposable smoking pipes are also available in the form of these devices. These usually last longer than conventional disposable cigarettes and guarantee the same unique feeling of smoking a normal tobacco smoking pipe. Disposable electronic smoking pipes are slightly costly as well due to their uniqueness in their design and make. Only a handful of electronic cigarette producers have introduced this product in the markets since not everyone can manufacturer this particular design.


Customized disposable cigarettes

Another favorite kind of disposable cigarette is the customized version where the user gets to decide its look and feel. Users can have their disposable cigarettes customized in terms of color, shape and print. Like disposable smoking pipes, only a handful of manufacturers provides the services of customizing disposable electronic cigarettes since their usage is temporary and they need to be discarded once their time is finished. Nonetheless, these kind of devices are highly famous amongst middle-aged smokers who move to electronic cigarettes out of enjoyment instead of necessity.


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