The Elite Look of Cigar in Disposable Features

Cigars are considered elite items due to the fact that they are expensive and a fashion for the high end people. No family guy with two jobs and a house to take care of can afford to buy or use a cigar. The least of issues with cigars are the high prices and health hazards. Cuban cigars are globally well known for their superior taste and aromas as this is what users seek foremost in their cigars. It is more of a fashion to try each one out of several hundred or maybe even thousands of cigar models and makes. Cigar users very less often use the entire cigar as most of the time they simply take a few puffs and throw the rest of it away. Under these circumstances, manufacturing and using a Disposable Cigar may not be that bad an idea.
Although cigar users do not seek affordability as most of its users are at the high end, but what a Disposable Cigar really does has to offer them is a utility without side effects in the form of lung and mouth cancer and other diseases. A Disposable Cigar can be ordered and purchased for as low as just $20 that is very reasonable as compared to the Cuban cigars that cost around $12 to $15 a piece. One can easily calculate the simple equation that says, a person only uses a cigar for a few puffs and the rest of it goes to waste. On the contrary, what if a person buys a cigar that is meant to be thrown away at the first place.
How many puffs can a user take out from a regular tobacco cigar at the maximum? They can vary on the base of cigar length and its burning speed, the number of puffs can reach a thousand or maybe even more if a very long lasting cigar is used. The number seems very good considering the stamina of a person to smoke a cigar but here again the concept of using a little and wasting the rest appears. In case of a Disposable Cigar, a user can expect to have more than 1800 puffs of quality smoke inhaled each time the Disposable Cigar is lit.
Another great disadvantage faced by the regular cigars is that they do not show the same taste and aroma as their last time once they are lit for the second time. This happens for the reason that they lose most of their aromatic essence when lit for the first time and less is left to be smelled for the second time. Once the aroma is lost, it is lost for good. A Disposable Cigar may not give the same graceful sense of taste and smell but they are still very high in utility. They can be purchased for as cheap as matching the price of a regular cigar and then used for around 1500 to 1800 puffs that way surpasses the number of puffs offered by the regular one, and in the end they can be disposed off.

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