The exciting new designs of Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are devices invented to replace the use of tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes are rapidly consumed around the globe by smokers of every age and gender. This cigarette is harmful for a person’s health in various ways, in fact tobacco cigarettes have been the most common cause of consented death globally where smokers are made fully aware of its risks but still choose to smoke tobacco cigarettes. For this very reason, scientists around the world have worked day an night to find a suitable solution for smokers and came up with the idea of electronic cigarettes. This device does not contain excessive harmful substances like tobacco or traces of tar or carbon monoxide hence, proving to be safer for smokers and no incidents of death have been reported due to electronic cigarettes. With the growing demand of electronic cigarettes many new designs have surfaced the market by established manufacturers like Amerismoke. The three most distinguished designs are mentioned below:


  1. Colored traditional designed cigarette:


Amerismoke has introduced electronic cigarettes in the same traditional look but new colors for smokers to enjoy. These colorful cigarettes are available in plain or printed designs and are famous especially amongst youngsters who start smoking at an early age. Amerismoke has taken into consideration the preferences of all smokers whether they are young or old; or male or female. Feminine designs are highly attractive and are basically created for women to match with their outfits or accessories. This is the reason why the designer line of electronic cigarettes is the most sold product amongst the three designs. Moreover, apart from the fashionable aspects, Amerismoke has introduced various elegant and classic designs for these cigarettes which are liked by all including elderly electronic cigarette smokers. Amerismoke electronic cigarettes are easily accessible and can be bought by anyone except people younger than eighteen years of age. Interested electronic cigarette smokers can access Amerismoke’s website online to purchase this product directly.


  1. Electronic Cigars


Another very interesting design introduced in the technological markets is an electronic smoking cigar. The function of this device is the same as an electronic cigarette however, only the outer body of the device is different. The cigar is shaped and colored exactly the same as an original cigar however its functionality is supported by a rechargeable battery and an atomizer. The cigar is usually purchased by elderly people who have been either using tobacco cigars previously or are fond of electronic cigars in general. Electronic cigars are not common amongst middle-aged smokers but are considered to be amongst one of the most interesting designs of electronic cigarettes.


  1. Electronic Smoking Pipes


Tobacco smoking pipes are very unique in nature and are mostly used by a niche market of smokers. Electronic devices in the design of smoking pipes have also been created for people who are fond of smoking pipes. The functionality of the electronic smoking pipe is the same as well which is based on the original smoking device containing an atomizer and liquid nicotine.


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