The Increasing Demand for Electronic Cigarettes over Tobacco Cigarettes

Over the recent years, e cig, which are also known as electronic cigarettes, have certainly gained a lot of importance in the lives of many smokers all over the world. Tobacco cigarettes are not only the cause of death for many people every year worldwide but they are also ruining the upcoming generation. It is essential to use the e cig instead since it does leave any side effects in the human body later on. The fact that tobacco cigarettes have recently faced a decline in the sales from all over the world is something which must be taken into thoroughly consideration because of the fact that people have finally realized that harmful after effects of smoking in the long run.

No Ash Whatsoever

There are many reasons why people prefer an e cig over the tobacco cigarettes. Basically, the tobacco cigarettes have ash which tends to create a lot of mess in the surroundings. The best feature of these cigarettes is the fact that they are ash-less, which is something that people require in the first place. Moreover, people can also save themselves from hazards and accidents such as burning. These cigarettes produce vapors that are water based instead.

No Harmful Chemicals

One of the biggest reasons behind the decline of the tobacco cigarettes empire is the fact that people have now finally realized how harmful these cigarettes are. The e cig is free from all the thousands of chemicals and substances which are present in the tobacco cigarettes. These chemicals enter the bloodstream of the human body and give room to lots of diseases in the near future. The electronic cigarettes have no toxins or any tobacco, for that matter. What’s more is that switching to electronic cigarettes allows people to actually quit smoking in the long run.

Zero Smoke

Another prominent benefit of the e cig is the fact that they are completely smokeless. This enables people to smoke them in public areas or wherever they prefer, unlike the tobacco cigarettes, which are forbidden because of the fact that they create second hand smoke.  No smoke within these cigarettes actually enables people to become all the more healthy in a short period of time. It has been reported by the newly electronic cigarette smokers that they face no difficulty in breathing anymore and the fact that their body is now way more energetic and lively. Inhaling smoke completely deteriorates the condition of the lungs in the long run.

Cheap Refills and True Value for Money

The e cig can actually be refilled or disposed, unlike the traditional tobacco cigarettes. This is what gives it more superiority and is one of the most major reasons why people have switched over to them over the recent years. This also proves to be much more economical and budget friendly because tobacco cigarettes are quite expensive in comparison and thus, smokers have to spend a lot of money for only a pack of cigarettes on a daily basis. The electronic cigarettes kits are fully equipped with all the accessories such as starter kits, eLiquids, USB chargers, refillers, cartridges and much more.


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