The increasing trend of using electronic cigarettes

An electronic cigarette is a device very different from our traditional smoking methods. This device does not create any smoke and does not contain any tobacco or leave behind ashes after it has been used. An electronic cigarette only tends to emit nicotine vapors which are produced from a liquid inside the device called liquid nicotine. The only similar characteristic between a tobacco cigarette and an electronic cigarette is that both provide the users a certain amount of nicotine. Apart from this similarity, the two products are completely different. These devices have recently been reported to have been sold widely around the smoking markets. Some markets have also experienced that they have become more in demand as compared to the traditional tobacco cigarettes and the trend is likely to continue in the coming years. There are more than a few reasons why people have started to trust this product over tobacco cigarettes. Many heavy smokers have turned to the electronic cigarette based on what tobacco smoking was doing to them. Recent sales reports have shown that the electronic cigarette industry has generated yearly revenues of around $ 1 billion. Below we analyze the reasons why many people have now started to use electronic cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes or any other form of smoking:


Health factors

The health factor is one of the most important factors that lead many smokers to changing their perceptions about tobacco cigarettes. An electronic cigarette is not considered to be a harmful device when you compare the device to tobacco filled cigarettes which have to be burnt to be used. The latter kind of cigarette is used in a way that the smoke from the cigarette is inhaled by the smoker and thus affects the lungs of the person smoking it. Moreover, smoking tobacco cigarettes has been the grounds of creating various mouth infections and oral cancer.


Non-addictive nature

An electronic cigarette is not considered to be a device which leads to addiction. Hence, many users have found quitting the habit of smoking very easy once they had moved to an electronic cigarette device. In fact many users switched to electronic cigarettes due to the fact that they wished to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes which were affecting their health in a bad way.



An electronic cigarette is easy to carry and use around in public and private places. People prefer to travel with these devices since they can be stored very easily and do not create tobacco smoke which can be an inconvenience for many people who are traveling aside the smoker.


Changing habits

Tobacco cigarettes are difficult to leave due to smokers being addicted to them. An electronic cigarette enables smokers to not only change their habits towards tobacco cigarettes but also change their habits in terms of addiction to smoking as well. This act of smoking an electronic device allows them to quit tobacco cigarettes without leaving the act of smoking itself since the ideology behind the product is to serve as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes.


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