The popular flavors and designs of electronic cigarettes

Since the introduction of this revolutionary device, the market of ecigs has grown like none other. More and more smokers have seemed to move to ecigs due to their pros and all the other factors involved in their usage. With growing demand, manufacturers have moved towards introducing new forms and varieties for this product which is loved by youngsters and grown ups alike. The market of e cig caters to everyone. Coupled with health benefits, these devices are known to be the number one wanted item for everyone who does not own them. Regardless of their form or design, the devices work on the same standard mechanism invented for electronic cigarettes. Ecigs operate on batteries and contain two main elements which are the liquid nicotine and the atomizer. The latter is the heating element which creates the vapor for the user to inhale. Since there is no smoke involved, the risky factors such as lung cancer and mouth ulcers are not a possibility in a scenario where the user is using an e cig. With more and more manufacturers on the rise with the electronic cigarette sensation, consumer demand is diverting towards personalization and customization. To cater to their demands, the manufacturers of e cigs have introduced a new range of flavored and stylish devices which are hard to resist. Here are some of the most popular ones:


Wood finished and burgundy matt

Amongst the many interesting designs from engraved covers to crystal finishing, the most popular design and highly-demanded styles are the wood finished and burgundy matt. These designs are not commonly available for everyone but have been bought by specific people who like to purchase unique ecigs. These designs are slightly expensive than the regular designs and prove to be long lasting. Moreover they do not resemble the typical look of a cigarette; in fact these designs are regarded as the in-style for the new generation and upcoming smoking society. Many people prefer the burgundy matt since it is not only stylish but the look gives it a classic touch which is preferred by adult electronic cigarette smokers. Other common designs in the market are golden and silver coating, candy body and black matt finished cigarettes. For anyone with a unique taste, wood finish and burgundy matt are the best kind of e cig designs available in the market.


Cherry and Bubble gum flavors

Manufacturers have tons of new flavors out in the market but the most appealing are the cherry and the bubble gum flavored liquid nicotine which has become a recent hit amongst electronic cigarette users especially among young users. Cherry has a sweet and sour taste at the same time whereas bubble gum flavored nicotine is the average locally loved flavor which is used by nearly everyone. Apart from these two flavors, mint, lime, coffee and chocolate milkshake are other unique flavors loved by many people who use these devices on a regular basis. For the traditional cigarette lovers, tobacco flavored liquid nicotine is also available.


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