The scientific reasons to switch to electronic cigarettes

Tobacco cigarettes are an open invitation to all kinds of harmful diseases. Many addicted people realize the harmful effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes when its too late. The substances in tobacco cigarettes expose smokers to diseases that have cure however, they are life-threatening. Moreover, tobacco cigarettes are considered to be one of the main reasons for the death toll to be rising every year in modern times. For this very reason, scientists and researchers have spent hours in finding better alternatives to help smokers around the world. One effective alternative was an electronic cigarette or an e cigar which has no traces of tobacco or any other harmful substance found in normal tobacco cigarettes.


It has been reported that there are more than 4000 harmful substances in traditional tobacco cigarettes which can affect the health and life of a smoker. One substance is nicotine which contains the addictive matter. One way of finding an alternative to this addiction was to introduce other products based on the substance of nicotine. Even e cigars contain liquid nicotine. These alternative products delivered small amounts of nicotine to the smokers body which relieved the need to smoke out of addiction. Continuous usage of these products helped people to quit tobacco smokes permanently however very little successful cases have been reported. The chances of relapse were greater as compared to e cigars. Some famous alternative products are nicotine gum, patches, oral medication, nasal sprays, inhalers, etc.


Electronic cigarettes or e cigars on the other hand assisted people to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and improve their health without the usage of nicotine by-products. Electronic cigarettes are electronic devices run on batteries instead of burnt flames. There are no harmful substances found in these devices except liquid nicotine which is the addictive matter for smokers using the e cigar. The atomizer (heating element) in the e cigar heats up the liquid nicotine and produces vapors inhaled by the smoker. These devices are easily chargeable through USB or battery chargers hence providing convenience to the user. Many smokers have reported that e cigars have allowed them to save up a lot of money previously spent on tobacco cigarettes since these devices are used more than once and do not need to be replaced often. This one time investment has encouraged smokers especially those who spent a lot of cash on daily smoking.


Studies have shown that electronic cigarettes have slowly but successfully converted smokers from tobacco cigarettes to electronic ones and eventually diminished their craving of smoking. The nicotine dependence of individuals decreased due to the unharmed usage of inhaling vaporized nicotine. These practices along with counseling or support programs have led people to live a healthy and tobacco-free life. Counselors have encouraged smokers to purchase and try out these devices especially youngsters by introducing them to flavored liquid nicotine since they are the ones affected by tobacco cigarettes the most. Many manufacturers of these devices have collaborated towards improving lives of smokers even if the cases were extreme.


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