Things People Usually Do not Know About E-cigarettes

While e cigarettes themselves have become very commonly recognized devices, the one thing that people mainly know about them is that they are safe. A lot of people are not able to convey why they are deemed healthy and why their use is promoted so vigorously amongst the general populous. Read on to discover some facts about e-cigs that people rarely know about.

Nothing Burns

While people “light” an e cigarette, there is nothing that actually burns inside the device as people smoke it. Many e-cigs do come with a typical LED light that glimmers either blue or orange but it is placed there only to enhance the experience and help people in feeling like they are actually still smoking something like the original cigarette. Since there is no tobacco to burn, people do not need lighters or matches to start smoking. They simply need to press a tiny button on the device and then start vaporizing. There is a particular vaporizing chamber and a liquid cartridge that evaporates, causing the steam.

Liquid Nicotine

While many people may be aware of the fact that e cigarettes are devices that do not have tobacco, they may not be aware of the fact that e-cigs do contain nicotine. Moreover, something that is even less commonly known is the fact that this nicotine is stored up in a liquid form. The liquid cartridge that was mentioned before is actually liquid nicotine that needs to be installed inside the device for it to run properly. There may be other additives that different manufacturers tend to add on to this device. Some of these producers simply add different flavors in the device to enhance the experience. The level of nicotine used depends on different producers.

Campaign Against Regulation

The Food and Drug Administration authority has repeatedly expressed a desire to regulate the use of e cigarettes due to several false health concerns. The FDA has wrongly accused the device of being damaging to health even though it is widely accepted by experts that it is actually good for one’s health. It would be apt to mention here that this is the same FDA that tried to unfairly make money with false drugs when the AIDS epidemic broke out.

Fortunately, there are still e-cig fanatics out there who have repeatedly stated that they are not going to let the FDA once again abuse their rights by regulating the device’s usage. They have launched a campaign that protests this regulation and stands for freedom of activity.

Less Costly

Many chain smokers do not know this but the e-cig habit is less costly than a habit to constantly smoke a tobacco cigarette. This applies to the times when people go for rechargeable e cigarettes as opposed to tobacco cigs. These have to be bought only once and after that, one may need to change it after months – years in some cases. This, of course, would not work if people tend to buy disposable e-cigs as those may be costlier than regular cigarettes and are used just as frequently.


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