Threats to Tobacco Industry Due to Popularity of Electronic Cigarettes

Tobacco industry has been a blue eyed baby for many people over the years when the trend of smoking tobacco cigarettes was on the rise. Now a day, in the backward countries and the under developed ones, there is still a lot of demand for traditional tobacco cigarettes due to the fact that they are cheap and not tough to find all over the world. They serve the utility of letting the smokers get addicted to it seeking a pleasure of mind and ease of brain; that ends up killing them. This is a disadvantage that is subtracted in case of electronic cigarette as Vapor King Storm 2.0.
Tobacco cigarettes are the cause of worries for health practitioners and doctors all over the world. They cause more harm than what they are known for. Users in the more developed countries have made their intention to use the electronic cigarettes considering the advantages that they have and the lack of harms. Electronic cigarettes are available in both nicotine and non nicotine variants but good e cigarettes like the Vapor King Storm 2.0 ensures that it brings no harm to the users or the least of it to them.
Tobacco industry has started to feel the trembling caused by e cigarettes as they are beginning to take over the market in most countries. The number of e cigarette users is increasing rapidly in the first world states but the number of users of tobacco cigarettes is on its way down a bit. The countries residing people who can afford to buy expensive alternative to cigarettes use Vapor King Storm 2.0 but those where most users are not wealthy enough, they still have to purchase the cheaper tobacco cigarettes. In the future, it can expected from the e cigarette manufacturers that they will introduce some very cheap cigarettes for users globally, but for now they are only priced a bit higher that the alternatives.
A box of e cigarettes like the brand Vapor King Storm 2.0 costs around $150 for the entire kit that by no means sounds cheap. But seeing the fact that they need not be replaced every now and then as they can be refilled and used again and again, their usage cost decreases to get closer to that of a regular tobacco cigarette minus the harms. It is never a bad idea to buy Vapor King Storm 2.0 considering the amount of benefits and the least of number of harms that it has. If nothing else then a user of e cigarettes can save a lot of money that would have otherwise gotten spent on medical treatment of cancer and other diseases caused by the usage of tobacco and nicotine.
As the usage of e cigarettes goes on to increase, more and more pressure gets exerted on the tobacco manufacturers as people are getting educated about brands like Vapor King Storm 2.0 that can give them the same utility without bringing them any harm caused by tobacco cigarettes.

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