Tips to maintain E cigar

Sometimes, all of a sudden the e cigar stops functioning as well as it used to, it is producing a burn taste and or stops producing vapors one has to check whetherthey have been cleaning and maintaining it right. As the e cigar just like any other device cannot function well if it is not regularly cleaned and carefully used.The first step to maintaining any electrical device is to read the manual. The manual contains all the instructions on how to clean and maintain e cigar. Every company uses different material in manufacturing their device therefore the care that is involved in maintaining the device varies. However, some basic steps for their maintenance and care apply to all cigars regardless of the company

Atomizer and cartridge:

There are many reasons due to which the e cigar can stop functioning properly. Sediments have built up inside thecartomizer, which are also called gunk, and they are producing hurdles in the passage of liquid and spoiling the components. Moreover, too much e liquid drowns the atomizer and prohibits it from functioning while too little e liquid leads the atomizer to become too hot to produce any vapor.The atomizer needs to be cleaned regularly and all the sediments and deposit shave to be removed on a regular basis to ensure its proper functioning. The clear plastic tube must be unscrewed before the cleaning process to start. The cartomizer can be filled with alcohol, shook, and left for 20 minutes after which the alcohol must be drained in the sink and rinsed with cleaned water and dried. Preferably, it should be left over night and a cotton swab can be used to clean the contact area afterwards for extra cleaning.


To clean the charger a cotton bud must be dipped in alcohol and placed in the rubbed gently in the part where the cigaris screwed in. One can maintain the life of the charger for longer if the cleaning process takes place regularly. When the charger needs replacement it will stop, producing the red light when put on charging and must be replaced immediately to save the battery from any damage.


The battery in an e cigar can be chargeable or non-chargeable in case of disposable electric cigar. The rechargeable battery is although long lasting but without proper maintenance, it may wear out early. To clean the battery one must use a cotton swab dipped in alcoholafter detaching the battery with the atomizer and cartridge. The battery needs to be cleaned in the contact areas and afterwards it should be dried with a cotton cloth before being re assembled with the atomizer. This cleaning process should take place every 2 weeks or according to the amount of times, the cigar is used.

The many components of the cigar that need care and functioning foe their long lasting use must be checked regularly as the replacement of the battery and various components is a tedious and expensive process.


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