Top 6 Advantages of disposable Cigar

Disposal Electronic Cigar is the latest revolution in the smoking market. This latest innovation brings several changes for smoking market and it has changed everything in smoking markets across the world. This is a time when most of the people switched to e-cigarettes. The trend of tobacco cigarettes has decreased once e-cigarette made its debut in smoking market few years back. Now smokers prefer to go for multi-flavored smoking rather to use tobacco cigarettes. It not only offers multi-flavored smoking but also gives many health benefits.

Here are discussed some advantages of battery-operated device (e-cigarettes) that has specially been designed as regular conventional cigarettes few years ago.

Maintains health

The first and significant advantage of disposable cigar is, that it less affects a users’ heath as compared to simple or ordinary cigars. This contains only nicotine and some substances that simply develop a taste. It does not contains harmful ingredients such as arsenic, formaldehyde, tar, acetone and carbon monoxide usually present in simple cigars. What is more, the smokers are free from discolored teeth and yellow fingers with the use of e-cigarettes.

Does not affect on other person

Like ordinary cigar, e-cigarette does not affect people around the person who is smoking this cigarette. Are surrounding persons not really affected by e-cigar? Of course not, because e-cigars do not emit smoke, while they give off vapor which disappears into the air. This leaves 0% odor and harmful substance into the air. This cigar removes society pressure from one’s head and anyone can socially use it without any worry from the side of his family, friends and relatives.

Safe to use

Because, e-cigar is battery—based device however no matches and lighters are required for a light flame. It does not have a real blue flame, only a red light turns on at each time of breath one takes and as a result the user feels a taste. If there is no need of lighter and matches for e-cigarette it means the chance of an accident caused by cigarette burning is zero. Moreover, there is no need of ashtrays while using this cigar because this is totally ash free.

Easy Breathing & Improper blood circulation

E-cigar does not let its user breathe difficultly because it doesn’t have hydrogen cyanide present in ordinary cigarettes. Hydrogen cyanide is really harmful for smoker lungs and it prevents one’s lungs from clear breathing. As a result of hydrogen cyanide lungs face swelling and it caused a person’s death.

Ordinary cigarettes produce carbon monoxide that steals the place of oxygen from the blood and creates serious problems in human body. It lessens the amount of oxygen in blood and this may disable any organ of a body.

Reasonable price & No addiction

Comparing the price of e-cigar with an ordinary cigarette it will be clear that e-cigar is less expensive as compared to ordinary cigarettes. The prices of these latest types of cigarettes vary state to state.

A person who is smoking e-cigars cannot be addicted of it because it does not contain any toxins and tobacco that affects users’ mind.


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