What are the Top Benefits of E Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes were created in 2001 and ultimately released within the US and European markets in 2004 where they were received rather well. Ever since they have been created, the tobacco industry has been in a decline that it has never faced before. This is solely because of the fact that people have become much more health conscious and truly prefer the e cigarettes and not the tobacco cigarettes as they are filled with nicotine, which is extremely addictive and harmful for the human body. Amongst all of the advantages of the e cigarettes, the one that tends to stand out the most is the fact that it is responsible for helping people to quit smoking in a short period of time.

Cost Effective

The real or tobacco cigarettes are rather more towards the expensive side. This makes smokers spend a lot of people in the process which they can easily otherwise save by purchasing the e cigarettes. These cigarettes can be bought at half the price of the tobacco cigarettes and last twice longer than them as well. Individuals who have a tight budget can not only save money this way but they can also move towards a healthy lifestyle which will help them live longer and happily in the long run.

Completely Smokeless

One of the biggest reasons for switching to the e cigarettes is the fact that they are smokeless. This means that they do not contain any smoke but only water which brings out vapor when puffed. The ‘vaping’ experience is something which tends to provide smokers with the same feeling they get while smoking the tobacco cigarettes. The psychological affect is what makes smokers stick to these cigarettes even when they are addicted to tobacco cigarettes in the first place. Slowly but surely, smokers can end up quitting tobacco cigarette smoking in the near future without having to face any huge hindrances in the entire process.

Smoke in Public Areas

As these cigarettes are completely smokeless, it means that they can be easily smoked within the public. Smokers have been tormented since a long period of time in public as smoking is forbidden there. Now with the help of the e cigarettes, not only can they smoke within public without the danger of passive smoking as there will be smoke, but they also do not have to worry about any of the side effects of tobacco cigarettes as these cigarettes will help them get over the nicotine addiction in record time.

Long Lasting – Refillable

Something that really makes the e cigarettes stand out in comparison with the tobacco cigarettes is the fact that they tend to last much longer than them. While the tobacco cigarettes are smoked instantly and smokers requires packs on a daily basis, the electronic cigarettes last for quite a lot of days as they are refillable. However, disposable electronic cigarettes are also available within the market and they are equally as good as the refillable ones. All in all, these cigarettes tend to help smokers quit smoking right away but all that is required is a strong will and determination in order to achieve success.


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