Top feedbacks from electronic cigarette users

There is a back and forth debate on whether ecigs are healthy for smokers or are ecigs a better alternative than other kind of alternatives. Many people have moved to ecigs in the past few years especially due to their dismissing health issues. Doctors have failed to provide any better and effective solution for patients instead of telling them to go and smoke another item. Electronic cigarettes by far have been the best kind of an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Many patients of lung cancer and other harmful diseases do not understand the need to quitting tobacco cigarettes permanently at an early stage. For this purpose, they regret not quitting tobacco cigarettes or picking up ecigs all their life. Many successful cases have come forward as inspirations for others who do not believe in the power of electronic cigarettes. Patients have tried everything from nicotine chewing gums to rehabilitation centers to quit their addiction however; none of these facilities have had the same effect as ecigs had. Below we state some of the top feedbacks from users who have gone from heavy smoking to ecigs and a healthy long life:


Feel better

Many users have used the electronic cigarette device and have reported that they ‘feel better’ than they used to feel when they used to smoke tobacco cigarettes. This statement is very important and can only be understood by people who are aware of the essence of tobacco cigarettes and their after-effects. Many tobacco cigarette smokers provide that after smoking one cigarette they would feel uneasy and would have this strange odor coming from their mouths and their clothes. With the use of electronic cigarettes, there are no odors whatsoever and the feeling afterwards is not the same at all. These devices allow users to inhale vapors instead of burnt tobacco smoke hence giving a different and fresh feeling to the smoker.


Able to quit

The use of tobacco cigarettes is addictive and makes the smoker lethargic towards quitting the habit of smoking. However, ecigs have completely diverse affect on the user. Many users have provided that they have been able to quit smoking completely after they started the use of electronic cigarettes. This device makes it possible for them to quit smoking which is beneficial for them towards their health and other factors. With more and more people being able to quit, electronic cigarettes have become more important for people to use.


Usable anywhere

Many areas and places have no smoking signs on them, and this is because of tobacco cigarettes and the ash and smoke they produce which can prove to be harmful towards bystanders as well. The best thing about ecigs is that they can be used anywhere, not because they are devices but in fact they are not harmful for anyone. These devices produce vapors which have a smoke-like effect but in reality is vaporized liquid nicotine which does not have any bad odor or affect towards others. Hence, with positive feedbacks many people find it worthy of moving to electronic cigarettes instead of continuing tobacco ones.


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