Top Kinds of E Cigarettes

When it comes to the important matter of purchasing an e cigarette, individuals are recommended to always consider a wide range of different factors. In the present times, the electronic cigarettes are widely available in different parts of the world due to their increasing popularity and the fact that they are an exceptional alternative for traditional smoking. As soon as they were created, these cigarettes have a hard time to the tobacco industry which is a giant in its own way. However, over the past couple of years, the e cigs can be seen to be dominating everywhere in the world simply due to the fact that people have become much more health conscious now.

Major Types of Electronic Cigarettes

There are two major kinds of electronic cigarettes, which are both unique and special in their own way. The refillable e cigarette and the disposable one is available in both the markets as well as at online storefronts; therefore, all those smokers who wish to switch to these cigarettes are highly recommended to do so at the earliest convenience as it will save them a lot of money and will also allow them to move towards a much healthier lifestyle in the long run.

E Cigarettes – Refillable

The refillable electronic cigarettes are used by many people these days simply because of the fact that they come in handy. This type of an e cigarette has to be refilled over and over again for the purpose of smoking them on a day to day basis. They do last for a long period of time in comparison with the disposable ones, which is why some people prefer them more. When it comes to the price, their prices tend to vary from brand to brand. However, in comparison with the traditional cigarettes, they are much cheaper and surely more effective.

E Cigarettes – Disposable

On the other hand, the disposable e cigarette is something which is quite in vogue these days due to the fact that it is easy to use. Unlike the refillable one, it does not have to be refilled with eLiquid, which is mandatory. It has to be smoked immediately and since it is disposable, it has to be thrown away after smoking. Therefore, it does not last as long as the refillable e cigarettes, but it is equally as good. These are also very reasonably priced and are widely available everywhere in the market as well as at online stores that are selling them.


Since refillable electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more common in the present times, it is essential for people to also purchase the eLiquid which goes along with it. These cigarettes have to be filled with this liquid in order to be smoked well. The eLiquid is available in small bottles of 10ml and the large ones of 30ml at online stores as well as in the markets on low prices. An e cigarette is something which has been proven to be an efficient and safe alternative for traditional smoking, which is why it is important for all smokers to try it out for good.

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