Top reasons why electronic cigarettes are better than rehabs

Electronic cigarettes are known to be amazing devices which help heavy smokers part their ways with the traditional tobacco cigarettes. The concept is hard to comprehend but many successful cases have surfaced in the past few years where smokers thought it was impossible for them to quit smoking. Rehabilitation centers are places where smokers and other addicted victims admit into in order to put a stop to their addictive habits. Many people are not fond of the place for help hence they are always on the lookout for better alternatives which would help them quit tobacco cigarettes. Rehabilitation centers have professionals and a management team which is responsible for all the admitters at the center. The place is an alternative to hospitals and has a similar structure. Patients are asked to have a fixed routine and have different kind of activities throughout the day. Some patients do not like to stay day and night there hence join their courses and classes which are held from time to time. With the invention of ecigs, many people have taken these devices as a better option than rehabilitation centers. Below are some of the top reasons why ecigs are better than rehabs for many people who wish to quit smoking:


The slow and steady exercise

With the help of ecigs, heavy smokers can divert to these devices and maintain a slow pace when it comes to quitting tobacco cigarettes smoking. This slow and steady exercise has its benefits since the smoker does not feel pressurized with the requirement of leaving the habit of smoking. When we compare rehabilitation centers with this exercise, we find a big difference in the pace of things. These centers require patients to quit smoking instantly and provide them with medication on a regular basis. This method may also have a reverse effect and patients may wish to go back to tobacco cigarettes smoking as soon as possible.


Smokers do not have to stop smoking

With ecigs, smokers are technically still smoking but inhaling vapors. This practice allows the patient to receive the required amount of nicotine needed by the body. At rehabilitation centers, patients are sometimes treated with nicotine patches which have not been an ideal kind of an alternative for the patient. The patient’s mind is set to believe that he or she is still smoking when they use ecigs hence these devices have proven to be more successful than rehabs altogether.


Do not have to provide commitment

At rehabs, patients are required to provide a commitment with the institute or the doctors otherwise the experts are not able to fully cure the patient and his or her habits. With ecigs, smokers do not have to be committed. They decide and take their chances slowly. With the right kind of intention, many smokers have been able to quit the habit of tobacco smoking with just the help of ecigs hence it is important that patients consider all their options before they place their bet on just one.


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