Top reasons why e cigarettes are acceptable in today’s society

Electronic cigarettes are new devices introduced in the smoking industry in 2007. These devices are used by many people today as compared to tobacco cigarettes. Even tobacco cigarette users have switched to e cigarettes since there are various benefits of using this device. In the previous centuries, tobacco was smoked in limited amounts and was not encouraged to be smoked everywhere. It was also considered disrespectful to smoke tobacco cigarettes in public or a gathering. In modern times, tobacco cigarettes are discouraged for a number of reasons. Some of the top most reasons why e cigarettes are used freely in today’s world are given below:


Acceptable to use indoors

E cigarettes are devices which do not produce smoke since any substance such as tobacco and tar is not included in the device. These devices are purely functional on liquid nicotine and atomizers which heats up the liquid to produce vapor. This vapor is inhaled by the user hence producing the same kind of affect produced by tobacco cigarettes but with no smoke involved. In this way, using an e cigarette indoor is acceptable for everyone. Regardless if it is a public building or a private one, using these device does not affect anyone since the so-called smoke that is being created is essentially vaporized liquid nicotine.


Do not harm bystanders

E cigarettes are devices which do not harm bystanders unlike tobacco cigarettes. Due to the smoke of tobacco cigarettes, bystanders often avoid standing with people who smoke. This is also why this practice is prohibited inside any building or a public place. E cigarettes on the other hand create vapors which can be inhaled by bystanders without affecting their lungs. The vapor created by the liquid nicotine does not harm anyone who is standing near the person using this device hence being another reason why this device is acceptable in today’s society.


Can be used in front of family members

Family members are highly sensitive if someone amongst them smokes tobacco cigarettes. By using an e cigarette, family members are ensured of the safety of the smoker. Moreover, this device is acceptable to be used in front of family members even if they are young since no smoke is produced from this device which cannot harm the youngsters. Since these devices are not flammable, they are dangerous to use in front of family members whereas tobacco cigarettes have been the sole cause of many flammable accidents.


Safeguards health

Another major reason why this device is more acceptable than tobacco cigarettes is the health factor involved in smoking. Authorities since the introduction of tobacco cigarettes, have warned smokers of the dangerous risks involved in smoking these cigarettes. After e cigarettes came into the markets, and more and more smokers have turned to these devices, authorities can see an improvement in the number of cases reported related to smoking. Scientists are also working towards improving the current device so that a perfect alternative to tobacco cigarettes can be found to help smokers.


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