Top reasons why smokers switch to electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes and cigars have taken the smoking industry by storm. They are miniature devices developed as an alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarettes readily available in the markets. Electronic cigarettes were first introduced in the markets of China in May 2004 to replace the conventional tobacco cigarettes since they were injurious towards the smoker’s health. The market expanded for electronic cigarettes as the Chinese manufacturers began exporting these devices in 2007 which increased the level of electronic cigarettes awareness amongst other international markets. Various international manufacturers such as Amerismoke were interested in producing these devices since they saw a growing trend of people using electronic cigarettes as soon as they were introduced.


Amerismoke electronic cigarettes are also known as e-cigarettes or personal vaporizer in the markets. The device works in a relatively simple way. Its function is to work as an electronic inhaler, vaporizing the liquid contained inside the device. This liquid can be liquid nicotine or e-juice or both. The Amerismoke electronic cigarette contains of an LED light cover, a battery which runs the device, an atomizer which causes the liquid to heat up and the cartridge. The devices are charged with a UBS connection and can be plugged into a socket as well as an electronic device such as a laptop. Etc. The top reasons why smokers have switched to these devices are outlined below:


Elimination of Tobacco

There is no element of tobacco in Amerismoke electronic cigarettes. These devices only include nicotine e-liquid which passes on the nicotine effect to the smoker to cater to his or her craving. Smokers do not inhale harmful substances such as tobacco, tar or carbon monoxide which are the direct causes of lung cancer and oral infections. These tobacco-free devices allow smokers a healthier route of smoking cigarettes without affecting their health. Some research experts have suggested that heavy smokers should ideally transfer to Amerismoke electronic cigarettes in order to improve their overall health including breathing.


Assists people who aim to quit

Some individuals who plan to quit often resort to electronic cigarettes before they are able to completely stop smoking. A study has proven that 21 percent of the people who switched to Amerismoke electronic cigarettes were able to quit smoking completely after seven months. Although tobacco is addictive, electronic cigarette smokers use the device’s technology to inhale nicotine and allow their systems to slowly get used to inhaling vaporized smoke instead of tobacco.


One time investment

A person who has decided to transfer to electronic cigarettes purchases the device once until it is depreciated. He or she does not have to keep purchasing packs of cigarettes and spend money slowly and steadily when smoking normal cigarettes. The Amerismoke starter kit is ideal for people who decide to go ahead with electronic cigarettes. It contains all the essential accessories and items that a person needs in order to switch completely from a normal tobacco cigarette to an electronic cigarette. Buying an electronic cigarette eventually becomes a cost-effective method of smoking as compare to the traditional tobacco cigarette packs.



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