Top selling electronic cigarette types in the market

Electronic cigarettes or ecigs have become the talk of the town in many cities around the world. Many people prefer using this device for more than one reason. Ecigs have proven to be more beneficial than tobacco cigarettes in many ways hence people have become recently inclined towards using these devices. Ecigs are cigarette like devices but completely different. They are run on batteries instead of flames and do not contain any traces of tobacco. People who enjoy the tobacco taste can acquire tobacco tasting liquid nicotine for their ecigs which is the liquid used in the device to create vapor. Although there is a slight difference in the usage of these devices however, people have ensured their interest in these devices more than tobacco cigarettes due to all the health factors involved. With tobacco cigarettes and heavy usage of such cigarettes, many people have lost their lives and hence many other smokers have drawn fright in terms of smoking tobacco cigarettes. Ecigs on the other hand have no such risks involved when people are using them. The similarities of using this device and smoking a tobacco cigarette are a lot but the health factors with an electronic cigarette are minimal. The market contains some of the best kind of ecigs. Below are the most wanted ones generally in all markets:


Slim fits

One of the most enjoyed electronic cigarettes is the slim fits which take shape as the slim kind of cigarettes and are easy to store. These slims are a carbon copy of the slim tobacco cigarettes and look exactly the same. These cigarettes have special kind of batteries and containers for them. They are long and can be stored anywhere like any other kind of pen. Users prefer to keep them in their pen pockets or wallets which are the perfect places to keep their slim ecigs.


Black Matt

For a more classic look, ecigs are also available in black matt which is the perfect device to showoff in front of other smokers and electronic cigarette users. The black matt collection is the meanest looking device with a touch of perfection. It allows users to use this device at night without anyone knowing it. The black matt electronic cigarette comes with a neon blue LED light at the tip which turns the device on and off. This type of electronic cigarette is also perfect for gifts as the black matt collection comes in an entire packing of more than one device.


Crystal devices

Another unique kind of electronic cigarettes available in the market are crystal devices which are see-through cigarettes. Young adult smokers are typically fond of these types and are attracted towards the different range of colors available for this type. These crystal devices showcase the vaporizing method as well since the entire device is see-through. This uniqueness attracts many people towards buying this kind of device. Crystal devices can be bought in any color and many users have been found to be matching their devices with the flavors they intend to use.


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