Traditional cigarettes verses Stylish Electronic Cigarettes

Traditional cigarettes are usually available with a light brown colored bud and a white paper surface which contains the tobacco and burns out upon usage. Electronic cigarettes such as Vapor King Rebel on the other hand, are available in various kinds of designs and styles for the smoker to enjoy. These electronic cigarettes were first introduced in the markets of China where manufacturers of these devices provided an alternative to the conventional cigarettes. This was because there were a growing number of tobacco cigarette smokers everyday and the economic situation did not wish for this. Since that time, electronic cigarettes have taken the smoking industry by storm and many smokers have switch to Vapor King Rebel electronic cigarettes for various reasons. Traditional cigarettes have taken a backseat since there are numerous health and physical risks associated with the cigarette. In comparison, Vapor King Rebel electronic cigarettes do not have any health risks associated with them and allow the smokers to enjoy their nicotine cravings. Below are the some of the most important reasons why smokers prefer Vapor King Rebel electronic cigarettes as compared to tobacco cigarettes now:


Flavored Liquid Nicotine

Vapor King Rebel electronic cigarettes can be used with flavored liquid nicotine. This flavored nicotine is converted into vapor with the help of the installed atomizer in the device and allows the smoker to inhale flavored vapor. Since this vapor is not harmful for the smoker, he or she can enjoy the electronic cigarette as much as he or she wants to. There are many flavors available for the smoker to choose from. Some of the most prominent flavors are lime, mint, strawberry, raspberry, coffee, chocolate, etc. These flavors are increasingly famous amongst young smokers who adopt the habit of using electronic cigarettes from an early stage instead of tobacco cigarettes.


Stylish Designs

Vapor King Rebel electronic cigarettes have the facility of being produced in different designs for its users to choose from. There are no restrictions on how this device can be produced. Some designs are similar to the traditional cigarettes whereas some are entirely different. These electronic cigarettes can be customized as well for its users. For example, if a smoker wishes to have his or her electronic device to have a particular print on it or is provided in a particular color. Moreover, these electronic cigarettes are also available in different shapes as well for example; cigar lovers can purchase electronic cigarettes in the shape of an e cigar which has the same kind of functionality to that of an electronic cigarette.


Rapid Doorstep Availability

Vapor King Rebel electronic cigarettes can be made available at anyone’s doorstep in the matter of days. Fully functional websites are available for interested people who wish to buy these devices. They can be ordered online where manufacturers provide the facility to directly delivery the product to the buyer’s doorstep in a few easy clicks. The only requirement for ordering is to own a credit card and be more than 18 years in age.


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