The Truth about Electronic Cigarettes

The electronic cigarettes, better known as e cigarettes, have become one of the most appreciated inventions of the 21st century. This is due to the fact that th4ese cigarettes can actually help smokers to quit smoking and that too, without facing any hindrances in the matter. Now smokers do not have to go through the trouble of getting nicotine patches and gums since the most effective alternative of traditional smoking is now available in the market for sale. Those who have not tried out these cigarettes are highly recommended to do so at the earliest convenience.

The History of E Cigs

The e cigarettes were created by a Chinese scientist naked Hon Lik and soon after he figured out how effective they were, the product was made in order to help people from all over the world to quit smoking in a short time period. Since traditional smoking is harmful and has many dreadful side effects, switching to the electronic cigarettes is truly the best thing for smokers in the present times. These cigarettes have been available in the market since 2004 now and have so far been immensely successful in different parts of the world. They also became much more famous as people have become quite health-conscious these days.

Introduction in USA

At first, these cigarettes were distributed all over the United States of America. They received an amazingly positive reception and ever since then, the population of e cig smokers has increased by a long shot there. Studies have recently revealed that people who smoke traditional cigarettes can attract various kinds of horrifying diseases, which is another huge reason for people to switch over to the e cigarettes so that they can save themselves from a terrible future in the long run. Till this day, USA is the country that has the most e cig smokers and even highly famous American celebrities can be seen to be promoting them on a large scale.

Introduction in Europe

Soon after these cigarettes were distributed all over USA, they were also distributed into all of Europe for the convenience of European people. As Europe has a massive number of people who smoke traditional cigarettes, the introduction of the e cigarettes definitely decreased the number for good. Soon after USA and Europe, the e cigs became famous in other parts of the world and since then have come a long way to ultimate success worldwide. Trying them out is definitely the best option for people who truly want to get rid of smoking for good.

Prominent Benefits

What makes the e cigarettes so much more different and better than the traditional cigarettes is the fact that they do not contain any harsh chemicals or even nicotine, for that matter. Nicotine is the drug which is included in the traditional cigarettes, making them all the more addictive. With the absence of this drug, smokers can enjoy the smoking experience by smoking e cigs and still stay away from all the harm that the traditional cigarettes can do. Thus, it is best to say that these cigarettes are undoubtedly the most effective alternative for traditional smoking.


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