The Types of E Cigs

The amount of research being done on e-smoking and on e cigars is higher than it ever was before. Researchers and scientists are taking care of the most technical details in their reports and the industry’s influence has been such that people cannot help but be curious about the subject. The new gadgets are safe, reliable and user-friendly; the typical qualities of an industry-winning product. The new research has been concentrating specifically on the fact that e-cigs do not use any amount of tobacco and are trying harder and harder to find a way to safely get rid of the five percent nicotine level that it still possesses.

Now that research has been so specific, it is important to make sure that researchers and scientists who are new to the industry must know about the many types of e cigs in the markets currently.

Rechargeable Batteries

Perhaps the most commonly used form of the typical e-cig, rechargeable e cigars or cigarettesare something where one need not throw away the little gadget once the battery runs out because it can be automatically recharged. These types usually come with a kit and are most commonly used by people who have completely shifted to e-smoking. The kit contains a charger, vapors and many other necessary goodies.


This is the perfect thing for high class smokers who love their Cubans. E cigars are a fairly new addition to the industry and one may say that their technology and look is still to reach its final conclusion. These beautiful gadgets do not induce the disgustingly prominent smells of an ordinary cigar and yet, they give the same level of pleasures. The way they look, the way they are packed and their appearances overall are quite similar to what one will experience with an actual Cuban cigar. The LED that blinks at the end of an e-cigar even mimics how an actual Cuban burns. However, the experience may seem to be a little less like that of an actual Cuban. No matter, e cigars are way safer than normal cigars are that should be motivation enough.


This is the cheapest form of an e-cig and perhaps the bestselling one too. In simple terms, it is an electronic cigarette that can be consumed only once; after which its battery life comes to an end and it must be thrown away since the battery cannot be recharged and once the vapor is consumed completely, it cannot be replaced. The gadget is now simply and quite commonly available in super markets and super stores and thus, is considered to be the most convenient form of e-smoking. It is also a lot cheaper than any other form of e-smoking and that strongly works in its favor.  This is how the writers recommend smokers to start their conversion to e-smoking; by slowly shifting to the consumption of disposable e-cigs.


A very recent form of e-cigs, it has slowly been rising in the sales department since 2013. It is there for people who want a better kick with their smokes and a battery life that outlives anything offered by any other types of e-smokes. The flavor choices are all there as well.


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