Types of DIY E Cigs for Smokers

The people these days are highly aware of the harmful effects of cigarette smoking to the human body. This has led to many of them switching to the best possible alternative known as the e cigs. Tobacco smoking quite hard to quit as nicotine is a highly dangerous drug. Studies have revealed that tobacco cigarettes contain 4000 different harmful chemicals which are all transmitted into the body when smoker puff these cigarettes. Ever since the e cigs were introduced to the whole world in 2004, smokers have expressed their gratitude for this modern day life saving device. Many alternatives came to the cigarette market and smokers all over the world tried it in order to quit smoking for good. However, none of those worked as adequately as the e cigs and ever since that time, the sales for the tobacco cigarettes have been decreasing gradually. Experts predict that the tobacco industry will be facing a huge loss within some years as majority of the smokers worldwide will switch to the electronic cigarettes for once and all.

One of the worst diseases which can be transmitted through tobacco cigarettes is cancer. As most people know, cancer is incurable and a highly dangerous and fatal disease. Various cancers within the pancreas, lungs, mouth and throat can be caused to people who do not quit smoking. E cigs have brought upon a revolution in the cigarette industry by being the first and only cigarettes that are smokeless and still provide the same sensation as the real cigarettes. There is a small content of nicotine present in these cigarettes too, mainly for the convenience of newly switched smokers so that they don’t find them too hard to smoke and feel like they need nicotine fix after a short while. The best feature of the e cigs is the fact that they come in numerous flavors in all parts of the world. Smokers can also regulate the nicotine level of their cigarettes from high to mild and ultimately no nicotine at all. This is exactly how smokers become immune to nicotine and leave tobacco cigarettes in over a couple of months from the first use. E cigs are an amazing alternative which people can enjoy in different flavors. Numerous flavors like apple, chocolate, water melon, guava, coffee, melon, cherry and even a tobacco flavor can found in these cigarettes for people who have a taste for exotic flavors. Most of the users prefer melon, apple and tobacco and they seem to have a pleasant effect and fragrance. A shocking absinthe flavor can be found within the e cigs and is thoroughly used by many people worldwide due to its strong and woody aroma and taste. These flavors come with many accessories at times and are called DIY flavors, meaning “do it yourself” as they are entirely disposable and reusable. Smokers can now use one cigarette more than one times and also dispose it if that if what is desired. The exotic flavored e cigs can also be carried everywhere and come with a refill package.

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