The Unstoppable Innovation – E-Cigarettes

If one stops to think about the fact that there were no such things as e-cigarettes a few years ago, they will be astounding. Today, it seems as if a smokers’ life is incomplete without at least one e cigarettepuff each day. Deemed to be healthier and better for the environment as compared to a traditional cigarette, the e-cigarette has completely transformed the tobacco industry’s arena in the last few years. Not only has the e-cig industry experienced tremendous success in the past few years, it has also become an incredibly common site to see vapors in places where traditional cigarettes face a ban.

One only has to run an eye over the statistics for the e cigarette industry to gauge how quickly it has caught on and how fast the growth rate of the industry has been in the recent past. For example, in only 2010, the total sales for the e-cig industry amounted to about 750,000 units sold. However, the very next year, in 2011, the sales grew by leaps and bounds and jumped on to about two and a half million units. In 2012, the sales fell just short of the four million milestone. Simply put, the e cigarette industry has been amongst the most quickly growing industries ever.

Many people and industry experts have tried to decipher why the sudden upsurge in the e cigarette market occurred and what was the root cause behind this change. Quite simply, e-cigs are incredibly healthy and are a great option for people who want to quit smoking and opt for a safer lifestyle. Smokers are greatly attached to the nicotine along with the act of actually puffing out the smoke. As a result, nicotine patches did not work as healthy replacements. However, with the e cigarette, the smoker simply gets rid of the tobacco inside the smoke and the nicotine is also very less. Consequently, the smoker will get his/her kick without losing out on their health.

Many people also claim that even though the tobacco elements are removed from the e cigarette it is still quite dangerous since the nicotine remains. No one can deny that nicotine can prove to be incredibly dangerous if abnormally high amounts are consumed by people and that can even lead to a person’s death. However, the amount of nicotine in e-cigs is very low and it is not dramatically overpowering. It is just like consuming a cup of coffee over breakfast or having a cup of tea in the evening. The damage is not too severe and is in no way a huge threat to the consumer’s life.

Lastly, while a traditional cigarette will have no variations in the taste or the kick it gives to the consumer, a typical e cigarette is incredibly varied in taste. The cartridges in e-cigarettes can be refilled over and over again and the liquid that fills these cartridges has numerous flavors available. There is mint, lemon, chocolate, cherry, pineapple and the like. People can pick the flavorsthat appeal to them and either stick to those or change their preference whenever they want.


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