Usage and Maintenance of Disposable Cigarette

Using and maintaining a disposable cigarette may be a technical task but it is no rocket science. Using some simple instructions and a disposable cigarette mostly does not require being re filled with new cartridge or e liquid therefore their usage is simpler that of regular e cigarette. However, some do have cartridges inside their packs and can be attached to the atomizer.  The disposable cigarettes are wonderful as they are highly portable; they are always pre-charged and perfect for travel. They come in various flavors to meet the dietary needs of different consumers and each company has its own set of instructions which help the consumers use the cigarette.

These are ready to use out of the box and are the simplest to use. First one must read the instructions and safety precautions carefully at the back of the disposable cigarette box and after carefully removing them from the box and then the atomizer must be twisted and removed to see if the cartridges are already in there. The cartridges if available separately, must be taken out of the plastic bag. The cartridges once taken out of the bag must be attached with the cigarettes atomizer after removing its rubber stamp. The cartridges must be carefully attached with the atomizer and one may takes a few soft draws to see if it is working efficiently before starting to smoke it. Disposable electronic cigarettes have a LED, which mimics the cigarette The LED always has a light, when the light goes off one must stop smoking, and the disposable cigarette can be disposed off. The light is mostly colored red, blue or yellow. The cigarette is completely usable until the light goes off and once it is off the cartridge has finished

The lasting effect of the puffs clearly depends on how hard the user draws the cigarette. One must not be disappointed if the disposable cigarette does not last for the 300 or 500 puffs it promised as some disposable cigarettes are consumed because they were drawn very hard each time they were puffed. If the user wants the disposable cigarette to last longer he may take softer puffs to smoke and take breaks in the middle.

The smoker must remove the cartridge from the cigar once smoked and dispose it off after the last puff. One must keep in mind that the disposable cigar is a device like any other device and must not be placed in water or any kind of liquid as the appliance can be destroyed and no longer be of use. There is no need to clean a disposable cigar even if it comes with cartridges unless if it has been left open, one must not leave the cigarette open if it has refill cartridges o ensure that it can be re- used. Dust molecules can be trapped within and while assemblies the cigar one must be careful to blow away any dust molecules present inside. Once the cartridges run out the cigarette must be disposed off as it has a limit and a life, which is very short.


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