Why use an e cig

E cigarettes are rechargeable nicotine inhalers that vaporize its e liquid using the atomizer while puffin and produce a harmless vapor that is used as a substitute to the harmful tobacco infused cigarette. They cigarettes contain an atomizer, power supply, and cartridges. Ecig although invented in the 60s was not sold as commodity until well after 2000. Reason being, the lack of technological development at that time and the health hazards people assumed it had. However, consumers now know that e cig is not a hazardous but a medicinal device that can cure the nicotine addiction, yet they find it hard to switch from traditional tobacco.

Flavors and taste

E cigarettes sensation is just as satisfying as tobacco if not better although it has absolutely element of deadly tobacco in it. In addition, e cig comes in a variety of flavors and colors; it probably has more color variety than the new I phone 5s. The various flavors include watermelon, pineapple, chocolate, strawberry cherry ad much more. E cigarettes are tastier than the original cigarette and have a unique aroma that excites the user.


The e cig is not only healthy but also a lot cheaper than traditional cigarette. A traditional cigarette once lit has to be utilized immediately, finishes within a little while, and cannot be utilized for another session even if the person only took one puff. However, e cig does not burn like the traditional cigarette but its cartridges can be utilized for days on end therefore, not only will the person only smoke as much as he needs to but also save money on buying several cigarettes. E liquid cartridges from different companies come in different prices and some are cost effective.


People who quit tobacco found that their teeth were noticeably whiter, they were getting more sleep, and their health had improved which led to good mood. Tobacco cigarette causes tartar and phlegm to accumulate in the throat and has long-term risks of causing throat cancer whereas the e cigdoes not have any constituents of tobacco. Moreover, e cig saves people from the risk of the damage of the alveoli leading to respiratory diseases as well as the long-term risk of lung cancer, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, and various other tobacco and nicotine related diseases. The consumer gets to choose the level of nicotine he wants to add to the n

icotine patches therefore e cigs can help quit smoking as the amount of the addictive chemical can be reduced every day until one is entirely free of nicotine fixation.


E cigarettes have been struggling to be approved from the health federations studies from FDA in 2011 suggested that although some harmful constituents in the cartridges were found in the electronic cigarette but they were nothing compared to the 10000 chemical components fond in the traditional cigarette. British medicalassociation suggests that although they prefer nicotine cartridges and gums but for many people who would not use gums as a substitute for a cigarette e cigs are the answer.


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