Use E cigarettes and live longer

Live longer and enjoy a healthier live by savoring a cigarette safely. This is the alternative offered by E cigarettes. It is about devices that are not harmful to those who use them, to those around them and to the environment. While real cigarettes contain very dangerous, carcinogens and toxic chemicals, E cigarettes do not let their smokers inhale noxious substances.

No more smoke

Since they were officially introduced, E cigarettes had helped millions of smokers to quit deadly tobacco cigarettes. Some statistics are announcing that smoking traditional cigarettes kill over 5 million people in America every year. This is why smoking was banned in many public places. Instead, E cigarettes do not contain tobacco, so can be used anywhere. This device is not carcinogenic and does not affect user health, saving millions of lives.
Smoking a tobacco cigarette involves fire and smoke inhalation reactions. The worst part, in terms of risk of lung cancer, is the tar which reaches the lungs. E cigarettes, fueled with a liquid which is turned into vapor inhaled by the smoker, do not intoxicate human body with tar. In fact, there is no combustion reaction to produce residual substances such as carbon dioxide, but about one boiling which produces vapors. Therefore, many people quit cigarettes of tobacco or pipe and now they are smoking just using electronic devices. It is certainly cheaper and, doctors say, it is even healthier.

Green Product

Over time, passive smokers also sufferd serious diseases such as cancer, respiratory infections and heart disease. Things are changing now with the use of increasingly more E cigarettes. They do not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere, protecting the people who aren’t smoking. Because they do not burn and do not fire out, they do not pollute the environment. Also, their components can be easily recycled. E cigarettes can be used in most public places, even in places where smoking is prohibited. They give to the user the same feeling and the same pleasure as a tobacco cigarette, but they are harmless, both for smokers and especially for those around them. Therefore, it can be considered a green product.

Maximum pleasure, healthy alternative

E cigarettes are a less noxious alternative to the traditional ones. Made in China and Europe since 2004, they revolutionized the lives of millions of smokers. Those who want to live longer and enjoy a healthy life are able to quit smoking using the best traditional nicotine replacement method, namely E cigarettes. According to studies, this is healthier because it doesn’t contain carcinogens or hazardous chemical agents such as tar or carbon monoxide. E-liquids are tested and carefully selected to give users maximum pleasure. E cigarettes imitate real cigarettes, providing an electronic module, a red LED, cartridgde, atomization chamber, connected to a reservoir containing a propylene glycol based fluid, with different flavors and different strengths of nicotine. They are regarded as the perfect combination of modern micro-electronics technology, biological technology and the conception of a healthier life.


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