Why to Use E-Cigars?


A major proportion of world’s population has been addicted either to smoking a cigarette, or having a cigar. Smoking a cigar is usually preferred by those people who consider themselves more sophisticated and smarter in today’s society. However, many people are prone to it because cigar has somehow managed to become a fashion in our modern world. In our today’s society, cigar portrays a symbol of a prominent status.

Holding a cigar between your fingers, sitting back, and taking in the flavor and scent of the cigar gives immense pleasure to an individual, and even to the group of friends. This gesture is very popular amongst the individuals because it has somehow managed to become a gesture of power.

Now the e-cigars have intervened in the market of real cigars, and it is expected that they may even replace the original cigars in future. The e-cigars are a hallmark in the world of electronic cigarettes. They are considered to replace the place of conventional cigars in the market. The e cigars have somehow outnumbered the real cigars in the manner of taste and smoke as well. You will now not visualize any smoke, as the harmful smoke has been replaced by the flavored vapor. Moreover, instead of pure tobacco, you will have the taste of tobacco leaf on your lips.

Why real cigars are not worthy to be used?

  • You all must be conscious about the awful stench that the original cigar leaves. It does not matter how much air freshener you use to get rid of this nasty smell, it tend to seep into the furniture or in the car interiors. This awful smell is very hard to get rid of, and it may be very embarrassing for you when any close associate or any one of your guest complains you about it.
  • Another factor is the smoke. Whenever you use an original cigar, you get to visualize smoke all around you. It may not bother you, but it may be very irritating for the ones sitting close to you, or even for your family members who live within your house.

Reasons to go for e cigars, rather than conventional cigars:

  • The most important reason to go for an e-cigar, rather than the real cigar, is that it does not produce any smoke or ash. This eliminates the room-destroying stink from these cigars. In this manner, you can have a cigar without upsetting others, as the smell of cigar is not favored by many people.
  • E cigars come in various strong flavors. This flavor is surely felt by the user, but the others in the room will not smell anything.
  • Most of the e-cigars can be used again and again. This is because many e-cigars are disposable, and thus they intend to last for several months.  They usually have a LED tip at the end of the cigar, which is partially hidden behind some sort of screen. This makes the appearance of the e cigar like a real cigar.




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