Using an E-cig in Public Places

One of the many reasons why people want to quit smoking in the present times is because of the dangerous diseases that are transmitted in the process. Studies have shown that recently many people have gone to smoking an e-cig, commonly known as an electronic cigarette, in order to sustain their smoking habit these days.
These cigarettes have numerous advantages but one of its best features is the accessibility to smoke them in public places. They places generally include offices, restaurants, bars, parks, theaters and even hospitals. This is because of the due to the fact that an e-cig does not generate and smoke and therefore they is completely odorless. Smokers all across the globe have taken this modern day convenient invention into consideration because of the benefit of being able to curb their smoking habit within the public places. The smokers can benefit from this highly and no one I the public places has to be disturbed due to the odor unlike tobacco cigarettes which are known for their strong odor, courtesy of the stale tobacco. Tobacco cigarettes are strictly banned in public smoking because they cause passive smoking amongst people and there are children present mostly. Studies show that children suffer from passive smoking more than adults which cause them to have unnecessary health problems in the future. An e-cig confirms the possibility of a healthy environment in a society and does not disturb an external party. Now smokers don’t have to feel illegal while lighting up an e-cig in public places. This provides a smooth psychological effect in the minds of smokers who soon become comfortable with public smoking and eventually get tired of it, therefore quitting smoking in the long run.
Sometimes the e-cig has to be smoked within a gray area and smokers living within those areas can smoke an e-cig without having to worry about interference from health authorities or local staff. However, smokers are still advised to view the local laws to look for any new changes. Many e-cig critics are considering adding these cigarettes to their smoking bans list but after fighting many cases, the law was passed that an e-cig can be easily puffed within certain public places. Although some cities are have a ban on e-cig smoking within the US. These cities include Indianapolis, IN and the Salt Lake City, UT.
Generally, non-smokers are terrified of tobacco smoke and this is a common notion. Due to this many laws were introduced to ban cigarette smoking in pub places and smokers were left to their confined homes or hidden places to smoke. The situation aggravated smokers who almost started feeling like outsiders but could do nothing in their defense. With the help of the e-cig, smokers now puff cigarettes in public places different parts of the world without loathing themselves for harming the others by passive smoking all the while experiencing a sane satisfaction of being away from all the hazards which can be caused by tobacco smoking in the long run.


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