Using an Electronic cigarette is the new art of smoking

Electronic cigarettes are devices which are used instead of tobacco cigarettes in order to reduce the health risks involved in the practice of tobacco cigarette smoking. This device was first created to test the use of liquid nicotine present inside the device. From then on wards, researchers deduced that this device will be perfect if it is given the shape and look of a normal cigarette. The mind of the user is tricked into thinking that he or she is using a real cigarette whereas the device only allows the user to inhale vaporized form of liquid nicotine instead of the smoke from burning tobacco. After it was introduced in the markets, all users of tobacco cigarettes gave the device of e cigs a shot. This was because they knew about the health risks involved in smoking tobacco cigarettes which cause long term damage to the lungs and the mouth. E cigs were a flourishing product for smokers and the smoking industry where manufacturers of different cigarettes diverted their attention to electronic cigarettes or e cigs and the benefits they bring along for the user. Below are some of the top reasons why smoking electronic cigarettes is seen to be an artistic practice after many smokers got rid of tobacco cigarettes from their lives:


Flavored liquid nicotine cartridges

Once the electronic cigarettes became a huge hit amongst smokers and non-smokers, companies initiated a special range of liquid nicotine which was available in a range of flavors. The range included simple flavors such as apple, strawberry, cherry, vanilla and was also introduced a range of special flavors like red wine, tobacco, Cinnamon, apple, etc. Flavored liquid nicotine has been a hit especially amongst non-smokers who took this practice up as fun and for pleasurable purposes. Smokers who wish to move to electronic cigarettes usually prefer tobacco


Battery operated

E cigs are operated on batteries which mean that neither does the user have to carry around a lighter nor does he or she have to burn carpets or anything else with the ash produced from a tobacco cigarette. Battery operated devices have brought a new revolution in the smoking industry in the form of electronic cigarettes. These devices can be used almost anywhere since there is no smoke-like element present or produced from them.


Disposable and long-lasting devices available

E cigs are known to be the hand form of smoking. Many people prefer to keep these devices along with them while they are traveling or have more than one meeting in a day to go to. This proves how electronic cigarettes have changed the lives of many in different forms. E cigs are available in two different categories. One type is disposables which are used for only a number of smokes and then they are discarded. The other type is long lasting unlike tobacco cigarettes. These devices can be used for over 500-600 smokes and are nothing like tobacco cigarettes which only last one smoke and have the tendency to create a mess.


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