Cassette Smoking:

The American Association of Public Health Physicians suggests that rather than going for tobacco smoking one should use electronic cigarettes as it is a lower-risk option while the tobacco smoking is damn injurious to your health in every way.



Electronic cigarettes have got a lesser number of toxic effects as compared to the traditional cigarettes. Moreover, they are much safer than the real cigarettes as well as safe as other nicotine replacement products. In an interview, the director of office on Smoking and Health for U.S federal agency Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, himself said that he believes under enough evidences that smoking cigarettes is likely less harmful than smoking a pack of conventional cigarettes.



Electronic Cigarette is best for the chain smokers, the one who smokes nicotine cigarette in hell much amount each day, as well as for the ones to gets addicted to smoking but are at the initial stages of this addiction. It helps them to recover that addiction of nicotine by providing the same sensation through electronic cigarette and hence the smoker slowly starts getting over this addiction by the usage of electronic cigarette which is a nicotine replacement product




The advantage of electronic cigarette is that it does not harm them the way nicotine cigarettes do. It prevents them from all those diseases caused by the nicotine cigarettes, smoked by these individuals in bulk amount every day. Those diseases are life taking ones such as lung cancer etc.



Apart from health reasons, electronic cigarette is also cheap in price as compared to the normal cigarette. The typical smokers who are in a habit of smoking a lot every minutes and wastes so much money on their cigarette packs, if they use electronic cigarette then it will help them in saving a lot of money too. There is also one more reason for this that is electronic cigarette lasts long and less is been used at a time no matter how much time the smoke evaporates. It still gets saved a lot and one does not have to use it as in the case of normal cigarette which one has to enlighten one after the other. In its case one does not need to put this effort.




Just because of producing tobacco cigarettes, every year approximately 600 million trees are been destroyed. Moreover, countless packs of cigarettes are been found on road sides, in parks, malls, shopping places and in markets etc, while the electronic cigarette resolution is putting an end to this waste because many electronic cigarette cartridges are recyclable and they are proving to be much more environmental friendly as compared to the alternatives.



The electronic cigarette does not have any odor or smoke hence once can also use them easily at the places where general smoking has been strictly prohibited or banned tobacco smoking, such as in cinemas, shopping malls, lifts etc.


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