Vapor King a matchless electronic cigarette

Vapor King is not a new name in the brands of electronic cigarettes. In the market of electronic cigarettes this brand has now gained enough reputation that people have started making a move towards this brand of electronic cigarettes. Vapor King is a product producing e-cigarettes of very good quality that are free of odor, tar free and free of carbon monoxide. They are a best alternative of traditional tobacco cigarettes that have ruled in the market for so long. But as the time passed and people became victim of many harmful diseases caused by the constant use of conventional tobacco sticks, researchers did more research on the consequences of traditional smoking and brought to light its damaging and harmful effects on the health of the regular consumer or second hand consumer and declared the traditional smoking extremely dangerous to human health. This statement made by the researchers put the heavy smokers into trouble because quitting smoking was not easy for them and continuing it was more risky even. In this state of dilemma for the smokers Vapor King introduced a safe solution in the form of e-cigarettes being perfectly made and health friendly for its consumers. This is an amazing product based on new technology. Unlike other e-cigarettes which store nicotine in cotton absorbent material, Vapor King stores its liquid nicotine in nicotine reservoir which is completely sealed and safe. It provides a variety of flavors and is good in taste. The cartridge of Vapor King can be refilled with almost thirty five plus flavors of nicotine and the amount of it can also be controlled depending on the consumer. Just imagine that the consumer of Vapor King e-cigarettes can enjoy so many flavors now! Its strength or amount can be controlled such as it can be taken in high or extra high strength, medium or low strength or non–nicotine even. It’s totally under the control of the consumer he can change the amount of nicotine in take any time anywhere. One electronic cigarette of this brand is equivalent to ten to twelve traditional tobacco sticks. That means Vapor King saves money as well in a great way.
Battery of the Vapor King is designed in such a way that it has a led on the top which lights up as soon as the unit gets activated. This feature makes it look like the real cigarettes and the feel of smoking is exactly the same which traditional tobacco sticks offer. So this won’t be wrong to declare it a perfect substitute of tobacco cigs. Vapor King e-cigarettes have both manual and automatic batteries and its battery takes about two to three hours to get full charged. In manual battery it gets activated by a button. Whereas automatic battery operates by a micro sensor placed inside the covering that detects the puff taken by the consumer and creates vapor depending on the puff taken. Life of its atomizer lasts 200,000 puffs equivalent to smoking of 555 packs of conventional cigarettes. This shows what a best quality Vapor King e-cigs are of.

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