Vapor King E cigarettes

As everybody knows, there are many E cigarettes available in different markets, launched by different companies. Vapor king is another great invention of E cigarettes. Vapor king offers a technology in its E cigarettes that is innovative and without mess. The vapor king electronic cigarettes have become extremely popular. Vapor King is designed in a three – piece model E cigarette. The three – piece model vapor king E cigarettes has no pre – filled cartridges but still the three – design vapor king electronic cigarette has its own many benefits. They are one of the best alternative to smoking. Vapor king electronic cigarettes taste so real like regular cigarettes but are odorless, tar – free and free of carbon monoxide.

eTank technology:

The vapor king E cigarettes entertain a new E cigarettes technology that is known as eTank. The comparison between the older version of E cigarettes and the vapor king E cigarettes featuring eTank technology shows a big difference between them in terms of flavor, taste and vapor production. The eTank technology is much more advance than the regular E cigarettes technology as the liquid nicotine is stored in a sealed nicotine reservoir. Whereas, in the other E cigarettes, the nicotine is stored in a cotton absorbent material that is inside the cartridge.

Design and colors of Vapor King:

The three – piece design of vapor king E cigarette includes an atomizer, an eTank cartridge and a battery. It is designed in a sleeker and slimmer way with the unit size a bit larger than the size 100 cigarette with the same width.

The vapor king E cigarette for its power has a 5 – volt lithium ion battery. The battery is available in both styles – automatic and manual depending on the choice of the users. The only difference between a manual and automatic battery is that the manual battery starts by pressing the start button on the side of the atomizer whereas, the automatic battery starts immediately by itself when it is inhaled. And in the starter kit of vapor king, following things are available:

  • One home outlet charger
  • One USB charger
  • Two five – volt lithium ion batteries
  • One five – pack pre – filled eTank cartridge
  • Manual instructions
  • Two atomizers with tanktonic technology



The vapor king is available in many colors but the most popular available and known colors of vapor king E cigarettes are:

  • Black with blue tip
  • Green with green tip
  • Pink with purple tip
  • Metallic red with red tip
  • White with orange tip
  • Blue with blue tip
  • Stainless steel with blue tip

Lightening of the tip:

In the vapor king E cigarettes, there is an LED on the tip of the battery that on the activation of the unit is lightened up. When the vapor  king E cigarette is lightened up, it generates vapor that makes it looks like a real cigarette. Some of the tips of vapor king E cigarettes lights up in different colors depending on the color and model of the E cigarette.

Benefits of Vapor king:

  • Vapor king electronic cigarettes are less expensive.
  •  Its eTank design and the battery together generate vapor and then provides a lot of vapor.

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