Vapor King the finest e cig brand

There are several e cigarette brands in the market that have an outrageously high cost and they are low in quality durable as the cartridge has to be changed more often while Vapor king has a offers long lasting cartridges, durable batteries and various attachments for consumers to benefit from. It has portable batteries and cases for people to take along while travelling and comes in a variety of flavors which can be customized according to consumer needs, to satisfy needs of consumers with differing tastes. Vapor King is a great investment the entire starter kit of vapor king costs $59.9 and includes more accessories than ordinary starter kits which include  a lithium ion rechargeable battery , high intensity atomizer, 5 pack long lasting cartridges home outlet charger and 1 usb charger. The cartridges can be customized according to consumer choice in terms of their flavorings, filling capacity, filled or empty. The switch from tobacco cigarettes will also be lighter on pocket as they have to be bought every day in several and are finished within a few minutes. While disposable vapor king cigarettes cost only $8 but last 300 puffs, therefore last several days. The entire vapor king attachments cost from $ 3.99 to $ 20.

The quality that makes vapor king stand out of all other brands is the variety. It offers different variety of cigarettes such as disposable 500 and 300 puff cigarettes which are lighter on pocket and foe people who aren’t necessarily chain smokers, costing $8 to $9 each offers varying chargers including a usb charger, usb car charger, electronic cigarette batteries in varying colors, mega batteries for extra power, atomizer for etank in varying colors, wall adapter, car adapter and varying accessories to add to the convenience of users.

Other than filled cartridges vapor king also offers Eliquid bottles from 10 ml to 30 ml so that consumers can choose the amount of nicotine they add in their cartridges. As nicotine is a highly addictive chemical and if taken in large amounts can be hazardous for health, consumers can lessen the amount day by day which will help overcome nicotine fixation. Thus we can say that vapor king can also be used a say nicotine replacement therapy with proper guidance from medical consultants and proper regulation. Also, a switch from tobacco cigarettes will improve health of chain smokers drastically as it is not just the nicotine but also the 4000 cancer stimulating carcinogen in tobacco cigarette are not present in vapor king.

Its design is also unique and can has attachments in varying colors such as colored atomizers , cigarette cases and batteries, unlike most e cigarette brands that only target males with plain black or brown. Vapor kings design accessories can suit adults of any gender or age.


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