Variety of Flavors in E cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have caught attention of several people worldwide who either smoke or want to quit smoking. So much so that the tobacco cigarette manufacturing companies have begun to fear the E cigarettes manufacturers regarding their market share. Because of the immense benefits that it has, e cigs are gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. There are several flavors as well in which E cigarettes can be found in the market.
These flavors are primarily divided into six main categories. These categories have different nicotine densities that give flexibility to the users to choose from them. The lightest nicotine content is found in the health care E cigarettes which include flavors like breath fresheners. These cigarettes are used by people who like to quit smoking. So much so, that vitamin containing E cigarettes has been introduced in the market for people who are conscious about their health. Vitamin A, B, C and E content has been included in flavors. Flavorless e cigarette helps people to replicate the appearance of a cigarette without bringing a single harm to their body.
The low nicotine containing E cigarettes include tobacco but in a very less amount. They are almost harmless to a human body and give users the flavor of a real cigarette. More than fifty flavors can be found once visiting the online market for the sale of e cigarette flavors. Some people may have concerns about the content of tobacco even in the e cigarette, but the content is so low that it barely has harm over the user’s body. But yes, it can be addictive if used in a larger quantity.
Juice flavored E cigarettes are also found in the market. They are based on several fruit flavors like apple, apricot, black berry and peach etc. these juice flavors are liked pretty much globally. Their aromas are unique as well but these flavors have a comparatively higher content of nicotine as compared to the tobacco ones. Herbal flavors are also being introduced in the market as they have their aromatic effect on the users. Although these flavors are a bit high in nicotine content, these flavors do not harm the body as much. Herbal flavors like those of jasmine, clove and angelica are popular herbal flavors present in the E cigarettes flavors list.
There is an altogether separate list of e liquids and flavors that are classified as Chinese cigs. Many people do not know that E cigarettes were first introduced in China. They were very high in nicotine content back then but now they are being used in low nicotine quantity as well with their manufacture on commercial bases. The highest nicotine content is found in the beverage E cigarettes that have almost the same level of nicotine in them that a regular cigarette does. But it is all up to the consumer’s choice whether he chooses to use the low or high content of nicotine in the e cigarette. Ranging from low flavor strength, medium flavor strength to high and very high flavor strengths, around 200 different flavors are being manufactured for the e cigarette users.

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