Varying studies on e-cigs:

There has been much research on e cigs. As smoking kills nearly half a million people every year a smoking element to replace the tobacco cigarette was seen as a miracle. The number of schoolchildren that used e cigs is twice as much as it was in 2011. Awareness and use of e cigarettes have grown especially among young people and schoolchildren as parents perhaps feel it safer when their nicotine addicted children switched to a tobacco free alternative. Most scientists are still skeptical, much research is still in practice, and no straightforward conclusion has been made on whether e cigs are entirely safe or not. Recent clinical research has brought forward some shocking claims form FDA claiming that e cigarettes are unsafe and harmful for human health. Some researchers believe that this skepticism is a scam of the tobacco companies to keep people from switching from the traditional cigar but the claims made by a renowned organization such as FDA are not easy to challenge


Chest has recently conducted analysis on their research on e cigs. They came to the conclusion that e cigs were not entirely safe smoking elements after conducting a detailed research on various candidates They conducted their test by providing many young adults with e cigarettes to smoke for 5 minutes. Afterwards, they ran tests to see any significant change in their body and they found that there was increased oxidative stress on their lungs and they had an elevated heartbeat and their blood pressure had increased. The scientists pointed out that this result was only after a mere five minutes smoking test people should wonder what will happen to smokers who regularly consume it.

Surgeon general  report:

Following the enlightening and fruitful report of tobacco in 1964 surgeon general compiled an interesting report on e-cigs containing facts such as e cigarettes contain a less amount of nicotine, which is less harmful and they do not produce emissions such as carbon monoxide. The study highlights that a smoking alternative can save 8 million American from dying of tobacco related diseases.


The world health organization has suspected that they may contain secretive chemicals that are not declared and present in the label.


The European Union clearly said that with proper regulation and medical consultancy the e cigs can save millions of lives. They issued letters to the parliament and the council ministers and claimed that regular and deadly tobacco can become obsolete if the e cigarette is promote well. They have said that although they do contain a certain amount of nicotine but are free of tar, tobacco, and cancer causing carcinogens.


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