Ways to take better care of E Cigars

Electronic Cigars (E Cigars) are pricier than conventional cigars. To make the price difference worth it, it is important to maintain your electronic cigar over the time. Not only would it increase its life expectancy, the results of the cherished gadget will not cease to please you every time it is used.

Here are a few ways to take better care and avoid wearing out and frequent replacement of E Cigars. First of all, make sure the parts are not cheap and are of good quality, preferably bought from one brand and not a mixture of two three. This would solve many future hassles for the user.

E Cigars have several parts that need to be cleaned and maintained periodically due to its nature of use. Following are the care instructions:

1)      Battery:

First and foremost, any battery operated device comes with strict instructions for its recharging and use. As every brand is different, the manual should be read carefully for instructions regarding the charging time of E Cigars. Over charged or under charged, both conditions are harmful for the battery. Usually, most brands instruct 8 hours charging for the first time and then approximately 3 to 4 hours charging after usage and battery consumption.

Secondly, as batteries are rechargeable; they contain lithium and need to be cleaned. A cotton swab dipped in alcohol can be used to clean off the point where atomizer is screwed. By cleaning the spot, life expectancy of E Cigars may increase and give around 300 charges to its user.

2)      Atomizer:

Atomizer is the main heating element of E Cigars. Not taking care of this part may mean there will be no smoke and it will be choked up. As liquid nicotine is used in the device, sometimes there is a certain quantity of liquid that does not vaporize and clogs the atomizer.

To keep it clean, use the same cotton swab dipped in alcohol to wipe the inner part. Use tissue to soak any excess. Blow into the wire mesh that is cone shaped. Connect the atomizer to the battery without adding the cartridge. Take 2 to 3 puffs and any residue left behind will simply burn and come out.

The connecting points of atomizer can also be cleaned with a Q tip. Having taken good care of an atomizer means an approximate life expectancy of 3 months.

3)      Cartridge:

E Cigars that have prefilled cartridges do not need too much maintenance as they are disposable and can be thrown off after use. However, most have refillable cartridges that need care.

To keep the cartridge from leaking liquid nicotine and holding good quantity, clean it with alcohol dipped cotton or pad occasionally and it would be ready to deliver up to 15 to 20 times. A good electronic cigar will perform at premium after maintenance and care. Although, there will be a time when the device will reach its maximum life expectancy and will require replacement.


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