Welcome to the world of E- Cigars

In the market of e cigs, e cigars are considered to be an addition that is fairly new. The biggest difference perhaps between a conventional cigar and e cigars is the absence of the oh-so famous stink that completely destroys the aura of the room. These electronic machines have the appearance and feel of an actual Cuban and so are able to give one the experience of enjoying a good cigar while playing poker. However, these electronic devices have quite big shoes to fill and a typical cigar smoker cannot be easily won over by them.

When one would first buy an electronic cigar, the first thing that they would notice would be the fine quality packaging and the wrapper. This is because most vendors selling e cigars are willing to spend a bit more to make these devices look as close to the originals as they possibly can before they are even taken out of the package. To make them look as authentic as possible, even the weight balance and the feel of the paper is added. When looking from a distance, it is extremely hard for one to distinguish these from the real thing and tell that they are electronic in nature. The lack of ash and smoke is actually what makes them stand out.

Most e cigars are disposable in nature though they last for quite a few months of poker games. In order to mimic the ash of a real cigar, an e cigar has an LED tip, hidden partially behind a kind of screen.  These devices are gaining quite a bit of popularity as they give one the convenience of being able to smoke cigars without causing any disturbance for others.  The smell is only appealing to the smoker and the days where one can enjoy a traditional cigar indoors have gone.

The vapor and flavor test determines the value of any e cig. A cigar has a smell and taste that is very distinct and also produces smoke in a large amount. This makes it important for the e cigar to replicate as much of these properties as it possibly can by producing vapor and flavor in large amounts. The way one inhales and puffs a cigar also needs to be mimicked by an e cigar. A good one won’t produce any smell for the people in the room but at the same time would give strong flavor to the user. People have been amazed by the realistic sensations of the flavors and smells that they get when using an e cigar.

So when out to buy one, people should look for a disposable electronic cigar that falls in the medium high price range so that they may not get disappointed by buying a knock off. One would also need e liquid and quality components to get that real cigar feel. However, a good e cigar has the ability to satisfy and impress almost any smoker who tries one out.


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