What Anti Smoking Activists Say about Electronic Cigarettes

Since the beginning of the invention of electronic cigarettes, the Anti Smoking Activists had been in constant research to seek out their pros and cons. Human health is a big area of concern for everybody, which cannot be compromised at any cost. Today the level of awareness is growing more in common man and just a click away from them. Sales of e-cigarettes are increasing to huge levels day by day to surprising levels.

This is all because of the researchers’ efforts that they brought to light the advantages of these modern cigarettes over traditional cigarettes. Recently Greek research unveiled the fact that the regular usage of electronic cigarettes does not harm the heart and is completely safe for its consumers. Its making is done in such a way that it does not contain tobacco and any harmful chemical substances by any means.
Electronic modern cigarettes have proved to be supportive in switching the smokers from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Researchers claim that conventional smokers who have quit traditional cigarettes now do not face any king of inconvenience and difficulty in inhalation and breathing, which verify the fact that electronic cigarettes do not prove harmful for the human lungs anymore. One of the industry group researcher, Kiklas says that e-cigarettes contain only a few ingredients: nicotine, water, glycerol, propylene and different flavors. They are totally smoke free; it’s just the water vapor and exclusively odorless as well. It’s just like blowing out water vapor in this way there is no chance of harming anyone around. He says Modern cigarettes have proved to be of good assistance in quitting traditional cigarettes to a great extent and saved a many from lungs’ diseases and other harmful effects caused by traditional smoking. Some of the anti smoking activists conducted a survey in which they observed the heart activity of a group of young people divided into two groups, one group smoked the traditional cigarettes and the other smoked electronic cigarettes for about 5-7 minutes. They found noteworthy cardiac disruptions for those who were traditional smokers. A few anti smoking activists claim that Electronic cigarettes are a perfect substitute of tobacco which is beneficiary for health and free of all kinds of harmful toxins.
Unlike traditional cigarettes these innovative cigarettes are a first-class and good quality product to human life. They are an excellent substitute for chain-smokers which help them quit traditional smoking. Electronic cigarettes consumers’ brain thinks that they are still smoking, it helps them liberate of smoker’s cough and they feel much better after using it. In this way electronic cigarettes bring down health risks to a greater amount. Smoking related respiratory ailments are no more a threat for electronic cigarette consumers. In other words it won’t be wrong to name it a harm-reduction success story. Chill out and use this modern form of cigarettes without having any doubt of harmful diseases and health risks. Manufacturers of modern e-cigarettes keep in mind a complete health safety for their consumers and thus provide a product that is safe in all means.


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