What are the advantages of using disposable e cigarette

There are several e cigarette brands launched in the market since 2007. Each e cigarette brand comes with new deals and incentives, for its customers to enjoy and comes in varying flavors and prices. An e cigarette kit is not a disposable appliance, it is a costly investment and with the increase in fraudulent acts by brands and false claims, it is very important to try a new brand before purchasing an entire kit. This is where disposable e cigarette kicks in as it is a more practical solution and it makes a lot more sense to try out a brand before investing in the real thing. Consumers don’t have to waste tons of money in purchasing several kits before they can find the right brand, they can simply buy their disposable e cigarette to gain familiarity with its taste and durability. Consumers can also determine which brand of e cigarette is of high quality, long lasting and reliable.

Before starting the use of e cigarettes as nicotine replacement therapy it is highly important to try out a disposable e cigarette as a trial, as purchase of an unsuitable product may lead to demotivation, and the person may want to refrain from the therapy. With a few trials of disposable cigarettes and proper medical guidance from medical consultants, a user may decide whether he wants to transition from tobacco to e cigarette. Some individuals do not need to buy entire kits if they are willing to use e cigarette as a means to quit any kind of smoking as they can simply keep using disposable e cigarettes till their therapy is over.

In addition, some people are not chain smokers and are not intending to be, they merely smoke in social gatherings or occasions. They need not to purchase an entire kit, with all its attachments and components.

It is also a bit of a hassle carrying around all the attachments like atomizers or batteries while travelling while disposable e cigarettes are perfect to  carry while on the road.  Disposable e cigarette is ready to use without the hassle of appliance maintenance, cleaning or charging. As soon as the consumer removes them from their packaging, they are ready for inhalation with the press of a button.  A disposable e cigarette is usable in places where there is no power supply, as they require no charging. There is no risk of disposable e cigarette being burnt from excess of electricity load and neither will they go out of order if not used appropriately. Disposable cigarettes have a built in battery and can last up to 500 puffs. Therefore, they are more affordable than tobacco cigarettes as they last longer than a tobacco cigarette. A packet of cigarettes would usually cost $20 and can be finished within a day while a packet of disposable e cigarette may last several days.

Furthermore, buying an entire kit will stimulate people to smoke more often, which can be hazardous for their health. E liquid is although safer than the nicotine present in tobacco cigarette but is still an addictive chemical and hazardous for health and can prove to be fatal in the long run. Once the entire  disposable e cigarette kit is used it can be disposed of ,and the consumer will not feel the urge to keep smoking.  Thus, buying disposable cigarettes would save people from nicotine dependency, thus protecting them from respiratory or heart diseases.

Therefore, it can be concluded that although continuous smoking of disposable e cigarette is more costly than purchasing an entire kit ,but for individuals  who are non-smokers or   occasional smokers disposable e cigarette is a more practical and healthier option.

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