There are plenty of reasons why a person should stop smoking tobacco and should begin to use e-cigarettes instead. First, excessive use of tobacco can kill a person’s organs slowly. Tobacco plant actually contains nicotine that keeps it from being eaten by insects. So what people, actually are smoking are insecticides that is slowly killing them by inhaling them into their lungs. This is also one of the reasons why smoking causes most of the lung diseases.
Second, people who smoke tobacco would have a hard time stopping because of the addictive chemical which is again nicotine. Even with proper discipline, it would still be hard for that person to stop and it might even be impossible for them to stop eventually. If they don’t get their fix dose of nicotine for a day, they will become so stressed up and might even get sick for it. They can use electronic cigarettes as an alternative, because they act like a nicotine-inhaler for them.
Third, e-cigarettes are safer than tobacco. Although this type of cigarettes also contains nicotine but they give the users option to decide what density they want it in. The nicotine used in e-cigarettes is liquid nicotine, and once it is lit up, it heats up the liquid nicotine and then it turns to vapor. So basically, when a person is smoking e-cigarettes, nothing is burning.
The fourth reason is for pregnant women. Pregnant women are not allowed to smoke because it doesn’t only harm her own health but it also puts the baby at risk. They have to wait until they deliver the child before they can smoke again, so that means waiting for nine months. There have been plenty of cases wherein the baby had disorders after delivery due to the mother’s incontrollable addiction to smoking. Instead of smoking cigarettes or tobacco, pregnant women resort to e-cigarettes. It’s just a lot safer, even when compared to taking lesser amounts of regular cigarettes or tobacco.
The fifth reason doesn’t have much of an importance to other countries except for United States. The U.S. government has this law about smoking tobacco. E-cigarettes are not considered as a real cigarette, and they do not contain tobacco, therefore e-cigarettes are not subject to the U.S. tobacco law. Since e-cigarette is not subject to the U.S. tobacco law, U.S. citizens can purchase this type of cigarette without the need for proof of age. They also can smoke this type of cigarette even inside the mall or any other area even when there is “no smoking” signs put up. This is also because e-cigarettes are non-combustible since nothing is burning, and it also does not emit second-hand smoke. It’s perfectly safe for the environment.
The reasons mentioned above are some of the common reasons why people using tobacco should switch to e-cigarettes. There are plenty of other reasons, such as it saves money because people don’t need to buy a new one every time they light it up. And that it helps them when they decide to quit smoking.


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