What Doctors Say about E Cigarettes

Doctors have approved the usage of E Cigarettes over the nicotine and tobacco containing cigarettes. Although one will seldom find a doctor who would advice his patients to smoke, but when it comes to comparison of two alternatives that are tobacco cigarettes and the electronic ones, there is just no comparison to that. Nicotine is a very dangerous component of a cigarette; it not only causes addiction but causes brain cells to stop working. E Cigarettes are better off because they do not have nicotine involved.
The appearance of both the alternatives is more or less the same, but they vary greatly in their effects. E Cigarettes have not yet been given a green signal from the FDA but laboratory tests give some encouraging. According to the testers, there is 90% water in an e cigarette cartridge. The rest of 10% comprises of everything else and nicotine is present in just 1% amount. This is way less harmful than a tobacco cigarette that has much more nicotine than that.
E Cigarettes have been told to be an excellent device for those who wish to quit smoking for good. Although the addicting component is nicotine and not just smoking, it can be said that there are a few exceptions to that. But the people who think that their addiction is more psychological than physiological; they can use E Cigarettes as the best source to quit smoking. Smoking a tobacco cigarette causes lung cancer and several other diseases but they can be prevented once tradition is replaced with technology. There are no numbers in millions regarding how many people have quitted smoking by the use of e cigarette, yet the trend in the making is encouraging.
Those who know about the components of a cigarette probably know the vitality of presence of tar in a cigarette and also about its harms. Tar is a very dangerous component of cigarette that causes blockage in the lungs. It also covers the cilia which are responsible for filtering the air prior to sending it in the lungs. E Cigarettes have their importance because of their medical value. Hard to believe it may seem, but many doctors believe that it is a medical device that can be used a beneficial drug. Like other drugs which come to medical uses, this too does not require being fully certified as fit for use.
Smokers often get rejected in medical tests either for a job or any other reason because their lungs are unable to perform as good. Furthermore, other damages that a tobacco cigarette brings to the physical looks of a human body are wrinkles and black lips. With the use of E Cigarettes, one can be sure that his skin would not catch wrinkles nor will he look older than he is. Exercisers and trainers can use E Cigarettes and they can recommend it too as it does not applies a break to the fitness program. For these reasons doctors feel satisfied with the usage of E Cigarettes by people.


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