What Doctors Say about E Cigs

Research has proven that smoking causes a lot of diseases and is very harmful for health. People, who smoke, find it hard to quit smoking. The new alternative to quitting smoking is to switch to e cigs. Doctors who are helping people quit smoking suggest that using e cigs is better than using actual cigarettes. E cigarettes are smoke free and less harmful. Although the research is still being done over the effects of taking in nicotine through e cigarettes but up till now they have been considered safer as compared to tobacco cigarettes.

Some doctors also say that it is still not clear whether e cigs should be recommended for usage or not. They say that some companies producing e cigs include a high level of nicotine in them which can be addictive and as a result of which the user can get cancer. Therefore, this product still does not have the permission to launch properly in all parts of the world. Doctors still cannot say whether e cigs can improve the lung health or not but they do say that there are chances or some reduction of the harm done through tobacco cigarettes. On the contrary to this, some doctors say that tobacco cigarettes produce more than one thousand different types of toxic substances which the e cigs do not produce. Therefore, they say that there might be chances of reducing health problems.

Some studies have shown the result that usage of e cigs reduces the desire to smoke. Most people who were a part of case studies conducted to reach a result whether e cigs are harmful or not showed the signs that they were less interested in smoking after starting to use them. On the other hang research work also shows that e cigs lack important regulation factors. There are no particular health warnings or labels that come along with the product. There are no safety measures given for the usage and for the disposal. Research has also found that some cartridges ended up leaking which can cause exposure to toxic material that can prove to be harmful for the user.

Most companies are producing this product and most are still not ready to. There are a number of states and countries in which the production and sale of e cigarettes are not allowed. However, the data collected from any of the research or study still has not proven whether e cigs are harmful or not. Up till now, no conclusion has been drawn but a number of smokers have started using this product and have found it to be useful for them in quitting smoking. Doctors also suggest people try to use other methods to quit smoking other than electronic cigarettes. It is also said that the top priority of the researchers of this field is to determine the level of nicotine that can be added to e cigs so that they can be launched properly.



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