Why Are E-Cigarettes Better Than Tobacco?

When electronic cigarettes began to be known to people, a lot of smokers where thankful because they believed that e-cigarettes would help them with their addiction to nicotine and help them quit smoking. Some are glad that they wouldn’t have to deal with the illnesses they’d get when smoking because e-cigarettes are safer and are made to avoid smoker’s diseases. Although as more and more people are using it and believing its effect that it is safer than real cigarettes or tobacco, there are also a lot of arguments about it that it is not yet certified to be completely safe for smokers to use it. Fortunately, reasons that e-cigarettes are better than tobacco overlap the reasons why it is not yet certified safe to use.
There are a lot of points why e-cigarettes are better than tobacco. First is that it doesn’t contain any tobacco, which means that it’s safer for smokers to use them since what they are only inhaling is vaporized liquid nicotine. Inside the electronic cigar, there is a tool that heats up the liquid nicotine once it’s turned on and with the heat, the liquid nicotine vaporizes. Moreover, this cigar does not contain any tobacco and it is different from tobacco, it also means that tobacco laws are not applicable to e-cigarettes and people can use this type of cigars anywhere which is what e-cigarettes sellers and trying to advertise to people. Moreover, there are no age requirements when buying electronic cigarettes since laws about tobacco cannot be applied to it.
Secondly, electronic cigars are said to eliminate or lessen chemical risks compared to regular cigarettes and tobacco. Clearly this means that it is safer to use than tobacco since lesser risks from the chemicals and it also helps in preventing pollution in the environment. They also don’t produce secondhand smoke since with this electronic cigar, nothing is burning. And because they don’t emit secondhand smoke, sellers try to promote that e-cigarettes are the only cigars that can be smoked anywhere.
Thirdly, it saves smokers’ money. Sure they are expensive to purchase, but it depends on the brand and the model of the electronic cigar. But for chain smokers who can consume a lot of sticks of cigars or tobacco per day, electronic cigars are cheaper choice and safer one. Smokers would not need to buy new one because they can use it repeatedly, and just turn it off when they’re done and could turn it on again if they want to smoke again.
Lastly, e-cigarettes help smokers to quit smoking or, if not, continue smoking but in a safer way.
Benefits of e-cigarettes mentioned above are only some of the reasons why electronic cigarettes are better than tobacco. But the main point is that it is better than tobacco because it is a lot safer than the other. Up until now, arguments between tobacco and e-cigarettes are still ongoing. More and more are starting to doubt whether those who are pro to tobacco are right.

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