Why choose quality in E- cigarette brands?

E-Cigarettes or E- Cigars popularity is on the rise. Many feel it is still an ambiguous replacement for traditional cigarettes and smokers are unaware of what’s been inhaled. Research and E-cigs manufacturers’ claim what is offered is a healthier alternative and can be taken as a medicine to quit the use of tobacco and save oneself from its side effects. Then again, critiques feel it is an un-prescribed medicine that smokers justify the addictive habit with and have no proven study to show that E-cigarettes are actually doing good to health.

Amidst all the contradiction, E- cigs definitely score higher in health concern due to the absence of tobacco usage. Where smokers are taking an initiative to quit traditional cigarettes, along with it goes away many health risks. The biggest threat being cancer, leaving traditional cigs behind also gets rid of the odour, tar, restriction of smoking areas and many more side effects. E-cigarettes are safe and reliable provided the liquid nicotine being used in it is of good quality and the maintenance of the e- cig is well taken care of.

Quality in E- Cigarettes is determined by a few factors that also differentiate brands of E-cigs available online and in the market. A high quality e-cig is manufactured with the aim of giving minimum hassle of maintenance to the user. E- Cigs with compromised quality require regular cleaning of atomizer and cartridges along with frequent battery change. Amerismoke is an American brand that is manufactured in America, all its parts and liquid nicotine is also produced in America and not imported from any other country.

The difference in smoking experience of Amerismoke and any other brand is evitable to those who have tried more than one brand. It is manufactured with unbeatable quality standards and goes through rigorous testing procedures to ensure only the best e-cig experience for its users. Amerismoke cuts edge from all competitors by its advanced 2 part design which offers an atomizer with every new cartridge used. So the smoking experience is cleaner no matter which use it is and so is its life expectancy.

Easy access across the United States and option of ordering online for overseas clients is a plus for Amerismoke E-cig smokers. The customer service available online facilitates users in purchasing and after sales services. Therefore, getting in touch with the brand is really convenient. Additionally, Amerismoke also has one of the widest collections of E-cig models with different price range and options available in it. The diversified price range makes it accessible to a larger market.  It also offers wide range in liquid nicotine flavours. There are more than 10 flavours available by Amerismoke, each to satisfy the need of different segments.

Smokers who have not yet experienced e-cigs and wish to give it a try for better and healthy change in the smoking habits should try the starter kits available. The starter kit is a set with user manual with complete instructions, 2 batteries with varied life expectancy, charger, USB charger, cartridges and card. There are other starter kits available for online buying as well.



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