Why electronic cigarettes are famous amongst new smokers

Electronic cigarettes are revolutionary devices which have been used for the past few years as alternatives to tobacco cigarettes and other kinds of smoking items such as cigars since they are harmful in more than one way. Electronic cigarettes come in every shape and size since the device’s functionality is the same and it can be used in other forms such as e cigars and e pipes. Electronic cigarettes or e cigars need no introduction in today’s smoking industry. These devices were initially sold in the markets of China since they wished to put a stop to the increasing numbers of smokers. This alternative smoking device looks and feels very similar to original tobacco cigarettes, which is the reason of its popularity amongst new and old smokers.


The device functions in a very straightforward manner. There is no harmful substance found inside its system. The device does not require tobacco and other harmful substances which are usually found in the original cigarettes. These harmful substances are the reason why tobacco cigarettes are so harmful for smokers. Electronic cigarettes or e cigars consist of liquid nicotine which fulfills the smoker’s craving of nicotine. These devices have had an edge over other nicotine alternatives such as nicotine patches and chewing gums since they are the closet thing to smoking nicotine just like tobacco cigarettes. Smokers are convinced that e cigars are the best smoking alternative available in the market and have helped millions of smokers turn down tobacco cigarettes when they wish to quit smoking.


With the number of smokers increasing every day, and new smokers trying electronic cigarettes or e cigars, the ratio of tobacco cigarettes being used are decreasing in number. New smokers find electronic cigarettes a safe instrument to smoke nicotine although there is no such ‘smoke’ involved. The liquid nicotine is turned into vapor which is inhaled by the users of the e cigar or an electronic cigarette. Moreover, the rechargeable aspect and technological functionality of the device allows new smokers to use this device with ease since it can be recharged with a USB port like any other device present today such as mobile phones, music gadgets, etc.


New smokers have found these devices easy to carry around with themselves and cost effective since they do not have to pay for entire packs of tobacco cigarettes. These e cigars or cigarettes are long lasting and therefore a one-time investment which last a lot more than a pack of tobacco cigarettes. Studies have proven that users of these devices have been able to succeed in discontinuing the use of tobacco cigarettes and have improved their health overall since the lungs and the mouth are not affected with electronic cigarettes. These devices have been proven to be more effective than other treatments used to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes hence many rehabilitation centers and institutes have incorporated the use of electronic cigarettes for the needy. These devices are also number one on doctors’ list of helping their patients to improve the condition of their lungs and breathing.


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