Why Electronic Cigarettes?

It looks like a traditional cigarette, tastes the same, but it’s something else. It is an electronic cigarette, a device that releases almost odorless vapor. It gives the smoker a feeling similar to that experienced when smoking tobacco cigarette, but without the pungent smoke and the feeling of irritation. This is the great advantage of electronic cigarettes and the main reason why more and more people nowadays choose for this type of cigarette.


Without harmful effects

Electronic cigarettes tend to be the best alternative for traditional cigarettes. There is no doubt that the traditional ones pose a major threat not only for smokers, but also for people around them. Instead, electronic cigarettes do not involve flame, which means that the risk of fire is reduced. Vapor do not harm the environment, and followers of organic products prefer electronic cigarettes which do not produce residues. The operating principle of the electronic cigarette is similar to the fog machines that can be seen in clubs and at major concerts. One of the main advantages of electronic cigarettes is that they are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes given the fact that they produce only a small amount of dangerous waste. The level of carcinogens in electronic cigarettes may be up to a thousand times smaller than the one existing in tobacco cigarettes.


Can be used anywhere

Electronic cigarettes can change smokers life. There is no law that forbids the consumption of liquid nicotine. People can use e cigarettes anywhere: in a restaurant, on a plane, theater and many other places where traditional smoking is prohibited. Users can enjoy it anytime, even when they’re at the office or while they savor a cup of coffee into a bar. There’s no need for people to be frustrated with the smoking restriction. Electronic cigarettes are a green product, harmless to others. The vapor product does not contain harmful substances such as tar, carbon monoxide and remaining substances to 4000, which researchers found in classic cigarettes. Freedom to smoke offers a wide variety of e cigarettes adapted to suit all tastes. In addition, monthly costs for supplies necessary for the operation of electronic cigarettes are much lower than the cost of traditional cigarettes, allowing people to save up to 70%.


Health Benefits

Electronic Cigarette is recommended for those who want to smoke healthier and for those who want to quit smoking. With the adoption of this mode of smoking, breath odor generated by traditional cigarettes disappears and also the smell in clothes, curtains and hair. The smell of tobacco is becoming one of the past, so there is a home remedy: using an electronic cigarette, in users homes will always be fresh air. There are also eliminated problems like coughing, yellowed nails, dry skin. It is also removed the danger of cancer, arteriosclerosis, heart disease and many other diseases. Electronic cigarettes are a device able to replace traditional cigarettes. Shape, size, gestures, the pleasure of smoking are determinants factors for quitting classic smoking with the help of an electronic cigarette.



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